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Random questions

  • Is it permissible to name a village mosque and the only mosque in a village as central mosque?
    2656 احکام مساجد و مکانهای مقدس
    There is no problem in doing so. In case the mosque does not belong to a particular group of people or ethnicity, it would be considered as the central mosque. Index: Some grand religious authorities have responded to this question.[i] Grand Ayatollah Khamenei ...
  • What is Islam’s ruling on listening to music?
    9437 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Music is essentially sound, and watching it (without listening) has no ruling; the only ruling there is, has to do with producing and the sale of instruments, teaching and learning, playing, and listening to it. Most scholars consider listening to and producing lahwi music to be haram and ...
  • What is your opinion about the numerical miracle of the Qur'an?
    4890 Quranic Studies
    The Quran features many miraculous aspects that are not restricted to eloquence and expressiveness. In fact, one of the miracles which have been claimed for the Quran is numerical miracle which needs further investigation and it is very likely that that we can confidently and firmly ascribe such ...
  • How old will you be in heaven/hell?
    6058 Exegesis
    The change in appearance and outer features as one ages are related to this world, but this isn't the case for the hereafter, especially heaven; people don’t have different appearances and faces there. For example, it is not so that some will be children, some will be middle ...
  • What are the definition, place and necessity of Taqlid?
    5241 Modern
    ‘Aql or reason which is endorsed by the Shari’ah and associated with jurisprudence is different from the manipulative intellect which we use in our lives. Although the intellect is also endorsed by divine legislator, it is to be noted that the power of intellect is limited ...
  • Is there any death in Paradise and Hell?
    4626 Traditional
    The Quran, traditions and rational arguments agree that when the Day of Judgment occurs and human beings go to Paradise and Hell, there is no death thereafter. The Holy Quran describes the Day of Resurrection as the everlasting day. It also describes those who go to Paradise ...
  • Who are the Ahlul-Bayt?
    27008 Traditional
    The Prophet of Islam’s (s) Ahlul-Bayt are the same as the people of the cloak: Prophet Muhammad (s), ‘Alī, Fātimah, Hassan, and Hussayn (a). The proof for this is numerous traditions narrated by Shia and Sunni scholars. These traditions are found in more than seventy famous Sunni and Shia sources.
  • What is the limit which a suitor should take into account in regards to looking at a woman’s body without any covering?
    5221 روابط نامزدها
    It is permissible for a man to look at a woman whom he intends to marry provided that: 1- it is not with the intention of pleasure, 2 – it is to find out about her beauty or her defects, 3 – there should not be any ...
  • What is the ruling on looking at porn that involves non-Muslims?
    13407 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • Will a husband and wife, after leaving this world, live together in paradise?
    8910 Traditional
    The specific conditions and details of how we will live in the next world are not completely known to anyone except the infallibles (masoomeen). With this in mind the relationship between a husband and a wife is something that is related to this world and pious women are ...