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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:معجزه حضرت محمد(ص))

معجزه حضرت محمد(ص)

Random questions

  • What does Islam say about sound relationships between boys and girls?
    8719 گوناگون
    According to Islam, the male and female complement each other and God, the All-Kind, has created them fore each other. One of the needs they have, are sexual ones. Fulfilling these needs must be within the boundaries and guidelines of Islam so that chastity and modesty are ...
  • How can we get to know God and rely on and truly love him?
    4319 Traditional
    The term “God” is one of the most general and simplest concepts that everyone, even atheists that deny His existence, definitely have some kind of perception of, although comprehending the true nature of his essence is out of our reach. The ways to knowing ...
  • Is Lordship confined to God Almighty?
    5702 پروردگار. نامها و ویژگی ها
    “ربوبیت(Lordship)” is derived from the word “رب (lord)”and is used in the Arabic language for the words owner, possessor and trainer. Given the fact that God is the owner of all existence, the management of this realm will be His responsibility. So, he is the “
  • Who is Abdul Qadir Gilani?
    5578 Theoretical
    Abdul Qadir Gilani known as Ghaus-e-Azamwas a sixth century mystic and a narrator who was born in the north of Iran and died in Baghdad. He was the figurehead of the Qadiri Sufi order.  Historically, he lived very much after ...
  • Why does the prophet's character change when he comes to power?
    4063 The infallibles
    Although no proof was mentioned for such a question, but we must pay attention that a change of approach does not indicate a change of character and maybe the prophet did have an apparently different act regarding different issues depending on the time, place and situation, but we ...
  • Please introduce a few methods of ibadat.
    5857 Practical
    Ibadat means to express humbleness, obedience before Allah’s demands and following the divine rulings in our everyday life. Ibadat has levels; the highest being when it is performed along with ma’refat (knowledge and recognition) of Allah.Ibadat has ...
  • If Ali (A.S.) was enemies with the Khulafa then why did he give some of his children similar names to them?
    5643 Traditional
    With a quick glance at historical books we see that Abu Bakr ibn Ali, Umar bin Ali and Usman bin Ali were the children of Laila the daughter of Masoud Thaqafi, Um Habib and Ummul Banin, respectively. When reflecting on the similarity of name between these children and ...
  • What are the distinct criteria through which we can distinguish a lafdhi mutawatir report from an ijmali or ma\'anawi one?
    3814 Contextual study
    Mutawatir literally means for things to come one after another, without any interval between them and in hadithic terms, refers to a hadith that has been narrated by a group of narrators that one can be definite haven’t all agreed on forging and lying about altogether. Any ...
  • Can ordinary human beings be infallible or not?
    4570 Traditional
    The word infallible (ma’sum) means protection, to be secured, safety from committing sins and forgetfulness. Infallibility has levels and stages from which the highest is reserved for Prophets and imams. According to the Qur’an and traditions it is specific just for them due to their roles as leaders ...
  • Does being good tempered with your spouse and children cause them to take advantage of such a thing?
    3818 Practical
    First: Islam teaches us to be good tempered with all people, including one's spouse, children, students, etc., because the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet's household have commanded us to be good-tempered with others.Second: According to the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt, while being good-tempered with others we ...