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  • Please explain what religious pluralism is and the difference between it and the interpretations of religion.
    4022 Modern 2011/08/15
    1. Pluralism is multiplicity. It has different meanings in the philosophy of religion, ethics, law, political science, etc. The common factor that is true for all of these is to acknowledge multiplicity and plurality as opposed to unity or exclusivism. Religious pluralism means that felicity is not ...
  • Is it haram to consume industrial alcohol? What is ruling on taking narcotics?
    3596 مواد مخدر 2012/04/17
    The responses of the grand maraji’ to your question are as follows: The office of the Grand Ayatullah Sistani (may Allah prolong his life): 1. Alcohol is intoxicating and its consumption impermissible. 2. It is haram. 3. If it ...
  • Did the Holy Prophet (S) and the Infallible Imams (AS) combine the Noon and Afternoon prayers?
    2855 بیشتر بدانیم 2015/08/04
    As evidenced by many traditions and reports in both Shiite and Sunni sources, the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) offered Zuhr and Asr prayers; Maghrib and Isha prayers separately. It is also reported that the Prophet (S) combined the daily prayers sometimes for Muslims' convenience. Imam Sadiq ...
  • What is Islam's viewpoint regarding reincarnation?
    7260 Traditional 2010/01/21
    A few centuries back in India a theory known as "reincarnation" was developed concerning the consecutive return of souls to this world after death. During the ages this theory was gradually taken into serious consideration by people all around the world and even became, for some, a part ...
  • Is there any death in Paradise and Hell?
    3398 Traditional 2011/12/25
    The Quran, traditions and rational arguments agree that when the Day of Judgment occurs and human beings go to Paradise and Hell, there is no death thereafter. The Holy Quran describes the Day of Resurrection as the everlasting day. It also describes those who go to Paradise ...
  • What should a single person, who marriage is difficult for, and has committed masturbation do?
    4349 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/01/14
    Masturbation is haram (forbidden); this prohibition extends to all people and no-one is allowed to offer any type of excuse for committing such a sin. Those who experience difficulty in executing a canonical marriage contract, ought to weaken their sexual appetite and inhibit all predisposing factors to masturbate by means ...
  • Which animals and insects have been named in the Quran?
    37781 Exegesis 2009/12/16
    Approximately 35 animals have been named in the Quran; the birds and insects of which are:Salwa (سلوی)=The quail (Baqarah:57), Ba’uth (بعوض)=Mosquito (Baqarah:26), Dhubab (ذباب)=Fly (Hajj:73), Nahl (نحل)=Honeybee (Nahl:68), Ankabut (عنکبوت)=Spider (Ankabut:41), Jarad (جراد)=Grasshopper (A’raf:133), HudHud (هدهد)=Hoopoe (Naml:20), Ghurab (غراب)=Crow (Ma’idah:31), Ababil (ابابیل)= probably ‘Swallow’ (Fil:3), Naml (نمل)=Ant ...
  • How long is a mother allowed to breastfeed her baby?
    4183 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/12
    In regards to the above question, we will make mention of the verdicts of some of the jurisprudents as under:According to a well-known view, the jurists say that the duration of breastfeeding is twenty one months.
  • In the Quran’s viewpoint, is man an ignorant and unjust creature or is he khalifatullah (God’s vicegerent)?
    4988 Exegesis 2008/06/17
    1. The Holy Quran praises man (mankind) in many ways, while, on the other hand, scolding and reproaching him in various verses.2. Because of man's high potentials, he is able to reach and ascend to the highest levels and ranks, and at the same time, is capable of sinking ...
  • What kind of a book is the Quran?
    3256 شیعه و قرآن 2013/11/25
    The Holy Quran is a heavenly book revealed for the guidance of mankind. It was sent down on the heart of the Last of Prophets, Muhammad b. Abdullah, peace be upon him and his descendants. The Quran, which is the eternal miracle of the Prophet of Islam ...