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  • How is Prophet Adam’s (A.S.) creation (about 5,764 years ago) make sense when fossils found from human beings are almost 25 million years old?
    32878 Exegesis 2012/01/15
    There is no inconsistence between these two. If we have heard that Prophet Adam has been created six to seven thousand years ago, this might refer to a different and new generation of human beings which started with Prophet Adam (A.S.) and might ...
  • Do reasons exist for jurisprudential rulings?
    2860 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/03/11
    We will answer your question through the following points: 1- We must keep in mind that all of the divine laws are based upon securing the interests of mankind and in keeping them away from harm. This means that nothing is lawful and unlawful without ...
  • Does showering after wudu, invalidate the wudu?
    2843 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/11/21
    It is okay to take a shower after wudu, and it doesn’t invalidate it.The only thing to remember is, when performing wudu, the head and feet that are wiped must be dry prior to wiping, and if they are wet to the extent that if you wipe your ...
  • What is the meaning of self-consciousness according to the Holy Quran?
    4573 انسان شناسی 2015/04/18
    According to the Quran, self-consciousness means realization of one's own self through nourishing or nurturing and reviving one's own inner and inborn talents and potentialities followed by a profound understanding of the realities of the universe and divine attributes. Self-consciousness has various degrees and it is of ...
  • What is Shia’s view about caliphate and successorship to the Holy Prophet (s)?
    6777 Traditional 2012/03/18
    According to Shia: 1. Caliphate or successorship to the Holy Prophet (s) is divinely appointed and that at God’s order the Prophet, many a time, introduced Ali (a.s.) as his successor. 2. The successors of the Prophet (s) are twelve immaculate Imams or ...
  • What is the Islamic law on Forex trading?
    8280 تجارت الکترونیک 2015/05/03
    The foreign exchange market (forex, or currency market) is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies such as rial, dollar, euro, pound, yen, dinar, etc.). If one who intends to trade currency, feels the value of a certain currency is going up, he will buy ...
  • In our society there are some peoples who are raising the following questions about Imam Khomeini (ra).
    2916 تاريخ بزرگان 2011/04/20
    The volumes of Risaala-e-nouin aren't directly authored by Imam Khomeini, Abdul-Karim Bi Azar Shirazi has selected and translated some parts of Imam Khomeini’s book “Tahrir al-Wasilah” and commentated on and explained those parts, altogether making up the book “Risaala-e-nouin”.Regarding Imams Hasan and Husein (as) praying behind Marwan, there ...
  • Why was a Quranic verse sent down giving the Prophet (pbuh) permission not to respect his wives' turns?
    4683 Traditional 2011/04/06
    Based on what is inferred from religious sources, the marriages of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) have been on account of certain cultural, emotional, political, social and religious expediencies. Considering that the Prophet was faced with many government-related problems and some of his ...
  • Is Wali al-Faqih infallible according to you?
    2682 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/11/08
    According to traditions and sayings of the Infallibles (a.s), infallibility is restricted to 14 people including the Prophet (s), Hazrat Zahra (s.a) and the 12 Shiite Imams. Therefore, Wali al-Faqih is not among them. However, according to the verses of the Holy Quran and traditions, it is mandatory ...
  • What happened to Imam Hussein's horse in Karbala?
    5618 تاريخ بزرگان 2010/02/20
    The writers of books on what happened on Ashura (these books are referred to as ‘maqatil’) have not mentioned much about what happened to Dhuljanah. What is mentioned is that he made his mane bloody with the blood of the Imam and returned to the tents neighing very ...