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  • The place of the people in a government system based on the Wali Faqih and its difference with a government based on liberalism?
    3270 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/01/17
    According to Quranic verses and the viewpoint of Islam, the ‘people’ compose one of the basic and essential foundations of a government. The Quran says: “We have sent our messengers with clear proofs, and we have revealed with them (divine) books and the Mizan (a means ...
  • How are prayers whose time has passed to be recited; with a loud or silent voice?
    2798 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/07/19
    Prayers whose times have passed, making them qadha, must be recited the same way they would be recited if they were ada and prayed on time. For instance, if one misses the fajr (morning) prayer and wants to make it up later during the day, he has to ...
  • How old will you be in heaven/hell?
    5011 Exegesis 2012/02/18
    The change in appearance and outer features as one ages are related to this world, but this isn't the case for the hereafter, especially heaven; people don’t have different appearances and faces there. For example, it is not so that some will be children, some will be middle ...
  • What is the Islamic law about taking loans from non-Muslim banks?
    5193 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/29
    "Taking out a loan does not require permission of a qualified Mujtahid (hākim shar'a) even if it is from a government bank. The contract of taking a loan is valid, though it may be based on interest. However, if it is an interest-based loan, it is haram to ...
  • Why do we pray for the well-being of Imam Zaman?
    3410 Traditional 2010/11/22
    Praying for the well being of Imam Zaman (aj) is an Islamic command that has its own reasons, even if we never learn of those reasons. Some of the reasons though, can be the following:1- Praying for his well-being factors into such and Allah (swt) knows that at ...
  • The Creation of Iblis
    4903 Traditional 2011/12/03
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • How can I counter spells?
    3721 Theoretical 2012/02/15
    Even though spells aren’t superstitious and may have substantial effects, not every person has the power to cast spells. Moreover, most individuals who claim to have the knowledge of casting spells are bogus; they look at this skill as a tool to trick people and make money.The ...
  • Describe the proof of the existence of God and the manner of how he came into being.
    4709 Philosophy 2010/08/14
    God Almighty, is a being which is absolute existence and complete perfection devoid of all deficiencies and imperfections. The concept of God is one which is very simple and clear. Everyone, including those who deny his existence, are able to comprehend and understand it. Even though ...
  • Which of the prophets are still alive?
    5519 2015/06/09
    Dear User, Allamah Tabatabai (RA) interpreting the verse 65 of Surah al-Kahf (Then they found one from among Our servants whom We had granted mercy from Us and whom We had taught knowledge from Ourselves[1]) appertained to Prophet Moses (AS) and Prophet Khidr (AS) quotes narrations ...
  • Are we allowed to attend the majalis (gatherings) of Imam Hussein (as) at the houses of those muslims who treat Imam Ali (as) as God?
    3376 Traditional 2009/04/06
    Although holding mourning sessions and gatherings for Imam Husein (as) and his companions is a great act that brings one massive blessings and rewards, yet if these gatherings are used to strengthen and propagate false teachings that contradict true Islamic beliefs taught to us by the imams, not ...