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معقول ثانی

Random questions

  • Is Wali al-Faqih infallible according to you?
    3899 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to traditions and sayings of the Infallibles (a.s), infallibility is restricted to 14 people including the Prophet (s), Hazrat Zahra (s.a) and the 12 Shiite Imams. Therefore, Wali al-Faqih is not among them. However, according to the verses of the Holy Quran and traditions, it is mandatory ...
  • Please let me how to get rid of masturbation?
    5412 ترک لذت
    Sin is like a foul-smelling swamp full of sewage; the more one sinks into it, the less he senses its smell, because he actually loses his sense of smell and can't tell that he is drowning anymore. At the same time, anytime one makes a strong decision ...
  • The place of the people in a government system based on the Wali Faqih and its difference with a government based on liberalism?
    4220 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to Quranic verses and the viewpoint of Islam, the ‘people’ compose one of the basic and essential foundations of a government. The Quran says: “We have sent our messengers with clear proofs, and we have revealed with them (divine) books and the Mizan (a means ...
  • Is it possible to clean the private parts using tissue paper?
    8345 گوناگون
    It is permissible to use toilet paper to clean only the anus from faeces.[1] The urinary organ cannot be made ritually pure without water.[2] In places where you do not have access to water, you can use toilet paper ...
  • What is the position of Islam on democracy?
    6227 System
    Democracy is a method of organizing society and respecting the majority vote while maintaining individual and civil rights.Although the majority is not necessarily always right[i], the majority can be determining[ii] and can accomplish ...
  • Do my feet become najis when I walk on wet pavement that a dog has walked on?
    5249 Laws and Jurisprudence
    If rainwater or any other water gathers in a ditch and is less than kur (there is a difference of opinion on what amount is exactly kur, and there are different ways of measuring it, according to Imam Khomeini, one way is that if ...
  • Who was the first Mujtahid and who was he following before attaining the degree of Ijtihad?
    8617 بیشتر بدانیم
    Ijtihad is an important and old issue in Islam. In the Shia perspective, ijtihad has been popular from the age of the infallibles up until today amongst their companions. Many good changes and improvements have been achieved through this method.
  • What kind of a book is "Mikyalul Makarim"?
    3525 تألیفات شیعی
    The book "Mikyalul Makarim fi Fawaed al-Dua Lil-Qaem" as the title of the book reads, has been authored regarding Mahdi, the Imam of Time (atf). This is one of the books written in Arabic in the fourth hegira century.[1] The book Mikyalul Makarim consists ...
  • Does divine infinity mean that He is ambiguous?
    4290 Philosophy of Gnosis
    Divine infinity does not signify mathematical and numerical infinity; rather it means absoluteness and possession of all attributes of perfection. Knowing the One God, as the most perfect being with the most perfect attributes and devoid of any imperfection and deficiency and understanding His relationship with the world which is ...
  • Is it forbidden to use insect repellants with fragrance whilst in the state of Ihram?
    3274 احرام
    1. Basically killing insects is not allowed while a person is in the state of Ihram except for when it is insidious and dangerous. 2. It is not permissible to use deodorants or fragrance nor is it permissible to smell such things. There is no problem in ...