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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:یهود)

Random questions

  • Please list the reasons behind the permissibility/impermissibility of music.
    5766 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In fiqhi terms, ‘ghina’ and ‘music’ are two different concepts. Ghina refers to the singing voice that comes from the larynx and is turned up and down in the throat in a way that it makes the listener joyful and somewhat ecstasizes him and is ...
  • What does fisq (depravity) mean? And who is called a fasiq?
    146 Exegesis
  • If prayer is the pillar of faith, why is it considered to be part of the branches of religion?
    1621 نماز
    The fundaments of faith or principles of religion are the religious tenets which man believes in with his own insight and understanding without relying on others. It is only after believing in those fundamentals of faith that he becomes Muslim and should start fulfilling individual and social ...
  • Who is Zaid bin Haretha?
    4194 برخی صحابیان
    When still a child, Zaid bin Haretha, accompanied by her mother (Sa’ada bint Tha’laba bin ‘Abd Âmer), was going to Tha’laba bin Âmer tribe, to visit his relatives. On the way to his destination, Zaid bin Haretha was attacked and his property was confiscated by Bani ...
  • Where is it permissible to tell a lie?
    5803 Practical
    Islam lays great emphasis on telling the truth and being truthful and it considers lying to be a wicked act. In many cases, lying has been described as being more evil than drinking wine. In spite of lying being a wicked act, if not telling a lies causes ...
  • What is the way to become free from fornication and how is one supposed to repent from it?
    5101 Theoretical
    The best way to be freed of sin is to get rid of ignorance and unawareness. If we continuously remember the greatness and magnanimousness of Allah (swt) and the never-ending blessings He has bestowed upon us and His other servants, we ...
  • Why do we pray for the well-being of Imam Zaman?
    4117 Traditional
    Praying for the well being of Imam Zaman (aj) is an Islamic command that has its own reasons, even if we never learn of those reasons. Some of the reasons though, can be the following:1- Praying for his well-being factors into such and Allah (swt) knows that at ...
  • What is khums and what is it paid on?
    5589 آنچه خمس بدان تعلق می گیرد
    Khums literally means “one-fifth or 20%”. In Islamic legal terminology, it means “one-fifth of certain items which a person earns by means of trade, industry, agricultural work, research or any other ways of earning, like, if he earns some money by working in a government department, and ...
  • Please explain about the authenticity of the text and chain of transmission of Ziyarat Ashura.
    9897 Contextual study
    There are two reliable books containing this Ziyarat. They are Kamil al-Ziyarat by Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Qulawayh Qummi (348 A.H.) and Misbahul Mutahajjid by Shaykh Tusi (385 – 460 A.H.). According to certain rijal (biographical) rules, Ibn Qulawayh’s report is authentic and trustworthy. As for the ...
  • How is the communication of spirits with people on earth?
    6250 Traditional
    The Possibility of Communicating with the SpiritsIt is said that one way to obtain information from other worlds is to make contact with spirits.Take note of the following in this ...