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Random questions

  • How a constructive doubt may help shape the iman?
    8619 Contextual study 2012/11/07
    This topic is connected to four presuppositions: First, there are two types of doubts: constructive and non-constructive. Second, a constructive doubt can help shape the iman. Third, a constructive doubt is not the complete cause of iman rather it is one ...
  • Why do the religious obligations such as prayer, fasting, hajj etc. not have visible effects?
    6796 Practical 2012/02/18
    All acts of worship including prayer, fasting and hajj have a lot of individual and social benefits and effects. One of the blessed effects of prayer is proximity to God and keeping us away from evil and indecency. Fasting also has profuse benefits and effects. For instance, it heals ...
  • Is it haram for young girls and women to wear perfume?
    13478 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/15
    Wearing perfume or cologne isn't haram for any group or gender in Islam. What Islam prohibits is to wear attractive perfume in the presence of non-mahrams in a way that will lead to haram and corruption. According to all of the maraji’, wearing such perfume in public places ...
  • Please give us a short biography of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as).
    2406 The infallibles 2021/03/30
  • Can you introduce some books on daily mustahabb and makruh acts?
    5826 Theoretical 2012/01/17
    We pray for your tawfiq, the books listed below are ones that contain mustahabb daily acts:1- Miftāḥ al-Falāḥ, by Sheikh Baha’i.2- Falāḥ al-Sā’il, by Seyed b. Tawus.3- al-Murāqabāt, by Mirza Jawad Agha Maliki Tabrizi.4- Mafātīh al-Jinān, by Sheikh Abbas Qummi.5- ...
  • For what purpose do the dwellers of paradise of consent need intercession from angels?
    4103 Exegesis 2019/06/12
    God is pleased by those who have faith and right deeds. But since faith and right deeds have severity and weakness and have different levels, therefore God's pleasure towards them also differs. Paradise also according to the levels of faith and the quality of the right deeds ...
  • Who are the infallibles (ma’sum)?
    6376 Traditional 2008/08/23
    Infallibility is a spiritual power and inner virtue that restrains one from even imagining and thinking of sinning, let alone committing sin and in Islamic terms, means for one to be protected from sin, mistake and forgetfulness.Infallibility can be divided into ...
  • If Allah (awj) is omniscient, why does He need to test mankind?
    8242 Traditional 2011/08/15
    As implied by the question, because Allah (awj) is omniscient, the purpose of His tests is not to unveil something hitherto unknown. Rather, the Qur`an and ahadith suggest that these tests serve two purposes. First, they comprise a Divine precedent (sunnah ilahiyyah
  • What is meant by the ‘Unity of Existence?’
    6904 Islamic Philosophy 2019/06/11
    What the philosophers and the mystics mean by the ‘unity of existence’ is not that the whole existing world put together is God; because, the whole collection does not enjoy a ‘real existence and unity’ (wujud wa wehdat-e-haqiqi). Similarly it also does not mean the ‘union’ (ittehad) ...
  • Is the narration concerning the manners of standing, ruku and sujud during prayers authentic?
    6680 مستحبات نماز 2014/01/20
    Considering that the narrators who have transmitted are trustworthy and reliable, the hadith can be regarded as authentic and valid. To read a short account on the narrators of this hadith, you should go through the following detailed answer: ...