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Random questions

  • Is it permissible for a man to drink his wife’s milk?
    24477 موارد غیر متعارف 2012/08/07
    We have sent this question to the offices of the following grand jurists and the answers which they have sent us are the following: Office of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life): There is no problem in it per se.
  • How can the Quran, whose verses contradict one another, be a book of guidance for all of mankind in all ages and throughout time?
    11388 Quranic Studies 2008/07/13
    As the Quran itself attests, it is a universal book “a reminder to all worlds” for all people in all times and places“a warner to all mankind”.Its verses, which have been revealed by Allah, are and will be an answer to the guidance needs of ...
  • Can any evidence be found in Sunni sources that speak of the martyrdom of Lady Fatimah (as)?
    11373 Traditional 2010/11/22
    This historical truth has been preserved in historical and hadith sources. Great Sunni scholars, such as Ibn Abi Sheybah, Baladhari, Ibn Qutaybah, etc. have revealed this fact. For information on the violation of the respect of the home of Lady Fatimah (as), and the documents and records on ...
  • What is Islam’s view on shaking hands with a non-mahram man or woman?
    10159 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/01/19
    What is clear and for sure is that one’s encounter with a non-mahram must be in a way that there is no sin or fear of sin involved.[1]As far as physical contact between a non-mahram man and woman and shaking hands goes, ...
  • What is the correct explanation of ‘burhan al-siddiqin’ (proof of the veracious)?
    8540 برهان صدیقین 2013/03/05
    The common point among various explanations and accounts presented by different scholars regarding the proof the veracious is that all those who have presented their arguments have, somehow, endeavored to demonstrate the existence of the Necessary Being by means of the reality of existence. As for the ...
  • What is the ruling on having a relation with a non-mahram girl?
    8089 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/02
    Any form of relationship before marriage, let it be speaking intimately, touching and caressing etc. is haram. If one speaks with a girl with the intention of seeking pleasure or if he fears that he might fall into a sin with her, it is not permissible for him ...
  • How is Imam Mahdi’s food and clothing?
    6627 Traditional 2010/11/22
    The imam (aj) lives a normal life just like everyone else. What can be concluded from hadiths about his food and clothing, is that they are at a minimum.Nu’mani, in his book of Gheybah, narrates a hadith from Imam Sadiq (as) and Imam Ridha (as) about Imam Mahdi ...
  • How was Hijab enacted in Islam?
    6377 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/12/13
    Before the advent of Islam, women did not wear modest dresses or full veil in public. No sooner Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula than it presented clear rules for women’s dress. The rules regarding hijab and its limits are mentioned in Sura al-Ahzab and Sura al-Noor ...
  • Are the prayers of someone who would masturbate without making a Janabat Ghusl correct if they were not aware of the ruling?
    9633 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/01/07
    No, his previous salats will be deemed void and he ought to compensate for those salats which were executed whilst in a stae of janabah. Being purified from states of hadath (state of impurity which is removed, in this case, by means of ghusl) is a prerequisite vis-à-vis the salat’s ...
  • Why should religion interfere in politics?
    6900 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/11/21
    The theory of the separation of religion from politics is a viewpoint that supports marginalizing religion from different fields of human life. According to this viewpoint, man is able to discover the true rules to culture, politics, judgment, economy, commerce, manners, social relationships, etc., and legislate them with ...