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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:عرفان و اخلاق )

Random questions

  • Has the Quran solved all the problems people face in their lives?
    10657 Modern
    We believe that the Quran enjoys comprehensiveness and is capable of solving all problems of people's lives, but such a claim does not mean we should expect the Quran to solve everything, even the problems of physics, etc.
  • Should we maintain relations with relatives who act badly towards us in turn? If so, in what way should we do this?
    5384 Practical
    The concept of ‘Silah al-Rahem’ means to maintain a relationship based on goodness and love with ones near relatives. It is religiously obligatory upon everyone and many positive effects have been listed for it. Amongst these are the lengthening of one’s life, good naturedness, and an increase in ...
  • What is the meaning behind the concept of Wilayah Takwini and what is its connection with the Infallible Imams (a)?
    12626 Theoretical
    Wilayah in lexicon means the coming of something right after another, without any space existing in between them. This calls for the closeness and nearness of these two to each other. Wilayah has been used to denote love and friendship, victory and assistance, following and submission, as well ...
  • What is the occasion of the revelation of Surah al-Nahl? What is meant by "Allah's commandment has come, therefore do not desire to hasten it?"
    6405 Exegesis
    God, the Exalted, says in the beginning of Surah al-Nahl: «أَتىَ أَمْرُ اللَّهِ فَلَا تَسْتَعْجِلُوهُ سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالىَ‏ عَمَّا یُشْرِکُونَ»[1] "Allah's commandment has come for criminals and culprits, therefore do not desire to hasten it; Glory be to Him, and highly exalted be ...
  • What is teyyul-ard?
    4406 Theoretical
    There are different views on the true essence of teyyul-ard. One would be the theory of “اعدام و ایجاد” or “Existentiation and Elimination” of the renowned mystic, Ibn Arabi. According to this theory, the person eliminates his existence in one place and existentiates it in ...
  • Can you introduce some books on marriage in Islam?
    5337 Theoretical
    Dear sister, there are many books on this subject but unfortunately, only a few have been translated to English. There is one book that we recommend that has been translated as well with the title of “نظام خانواده در اسلام” (The Islamic Family Structure) by Hosein Ansarian. This ...
  • What does Islam mean?
    5754 Traditional
    Islam literally means to submit and surrender to another's will and in the Quran, it to one who is in total submission to Allah (swt) and is free from any form of shirk and polytheism. It is on these premises that the Quran refers to Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) ...
  • Who became prophets in their childhood?
    5242 پیامبران و کتابهای آسمانی
    Following a research in the verses of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Infallibles (A.S) about the prophetic mission of the prophets, we came t the conclusion that only two prophets were appointed as prophets in their childhood and God granted them knowledge, wisdom and books.
  • What is the limit of sexual pleasures in temporary marriage?
    5512 شرایط ازدواج موقت
    The relation between man and woman becomes lawful by contracting marriage. There are two kinds of marriages: Permanent marriage and temporary marriage In a permanent marriage, the period of matrimony is not fixed, and it is forever. The woman with whom such ...
  • What is the Islamic law about women going out with makeup?
    4274 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Office of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi (may Allah grant him long life): There is no objection to women wearing light makeup on their faces and hands up to the wrists provided that it does not entail any evil or corruption but it is necessary for ...