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Due to the endlessness of man’s questions and the limitations of people and institutes in answering these questions, please help us by abiding by the guidelines listed in this guide, so that we can direct our efforts towards questions of more importance and priority. Questions submitted that do not meet these guidelines may be put aside from the very start and not entertained, with the inquirer being notified of the reason for its rejection of course.


1. The question shouldn’t be so broad and general that it requires several pages for an answer. For example, “What is Islam’s view on the human?” would be classified as a question calling for a book’s worth of writing as an answer, or to ask for a critique of a book can sometimes mean writing an even denser book on it.

2. Your question shouldn’t be so personal and individual in a way that its answer will only benefit you and no one else. For example, asking about the interpretation ...

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