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Random questions

  • What acts eliminate major sins?
    4456 Practical
    The sins that people commit are not all alike in terms of their greatness and the forgiveness of different sins depends on the kind of sin that has been committed. Some sins can be forgiven by only saying astaghfurullah once while others may require more effort. We must ...
  • Is it permissible to bury Muslims in kafir cemeteries?
    4960 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to Islamic law, it is forbidden to both bury Muslims in kafir cemeteries and kafirs in Muslim ones, and if such a thing ever takes place, it is permissible to exhume the corpse and transfer it to the appropriate graveyard.
  • What is the importance and philosophy of mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s.)?
    7820 Traditional
    In order for us to understand the significance and philosophy of mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s.), it is necessary to take notice of the following points:1. The Holy Quran (a.s.) has emphasized through many different verses on maintaining and reviving lofty ...
  • What is the ruling on using books of supplication which contain tables and forms?
    4096 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Firstly, in regards to your question, it is difficult to recognize exactly what kind of science your book uses; this would require further explanation and expansion on the contents and subject of the book in question. Generally speaking, it seems that the book is about the occult sciences ...
  • If the imams are essentially infallible, can we follow them as role models?
    2982 عصمت
    This question emanates from incorrect notion about the concept of infallibility that considers it something mandatory and gifted by God without a cause or reason. Obviously, if we are to consider infallibility as something forced, then we would consider the infallibles as people lacking free will and ...
  • How is it possible for some of the Imams to reach Imamate while still children?
    4938 The infallibles
    According to the undisputed belief of Imami Shi’ism taken from numerous verses and Prophetic traditions, the Imamate is a Divine position. So if it is established that someone has been divinely appointed to this position a Muslim must submit to his command and authority without question obeying ...
  • What is the philosophy of Islamic modest dress? Why are only women bound in Islam to observe modest dress?
    5799 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    Men and women are equal in many aspects such as creation from a single essence and enjoying rights to education, freedom, speech, expression, etc.We should also note that men and women are different in their physical and psychological make-up. These differences lead to the creation and enactment of specific ...
  • Who are the Akhbaris and the Osolis?
    6162 Philosophy of History
    The Akhbaris are the adherents of the ahadith whom the Shia call Akhbaris. They do not believe in Ijtihad and only follow the ahadith. On the other side there is a great group of Muslim scholars known as the Osolioon, they believe that the rulings of Islam should ...
  • Is it possible to see God? If so, then how?
    5377 Traditional
    According to both Islamic sources and the intellect, God cannot be seen by the physical eye neither in this life nor in the next. However He can be seen through the eyes of the heart. Up to each given individual’s capacity, after purifying their souls, and engaging in prayers and ...
  • If a woman has not received alimony for 5 months, is she considered divorced?
    4627 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Executing a divorce, in Islam, is a choice which pertains to the husband; hence, women cannot divorce themselves from their spouses. The husband’s not paying his wife’s canonically-required expenses (nafaqah) does not constitute a right to divorce. Consequently, the issue of ...