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  • What do you mean by religious thought?
    2704 Traditional 2006/07/15
    By “religious thought” we mean that form of thought which is concerned whit any of the problems of a religious nature within a particular religion, in the same sense that mathematical thought is the form of thought which deals with mathematical questions and solves mathematical problems. ...
  • Is Dua Kumayl authentic?
    5538 History 2012/09/27
    Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakha’i was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) and his son Imam Hasan Mujtaba and this sublime Du'a was first heard from the beautiful, though anguished, voice of Imam Ali (as). This dua has been narrated in Mesbah ...
  • What are the features and privileges of Behar al-Anwar?
    2218 تألیفات شیعی 2015/05/03
    Behar al-Anwa being a huge hadith collection is the most important work by Allamah Muhammad Baqir Majlisi. It is a big encyclopedia of Shiite traditions encompassing all religious issues and themes including exegesis of the Quran, history, jurisprudence, theology etc. Some of the most important features of ...
  • Can you explain how one can reach the “nafsul-amr” religion?
    2892 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    There are three ways for reaching the nafsul-amr religion:1- Revelation2- Narration3- IntellectNormal people can only reach true religion using the second and third method, while special people can also reach it via the first. ...
  • What is the philosophy of Ghusl (ceremonial washing)?
    3456 بیشتر بدانیم 2014/06/22
    The reason which is behind the Jinabat Ghusl is to clean and purify our soul from its pollution and purify our body from the impurity. This means, if we want to remove the Jinabat from our body we have to purify all parts of our body. According ...
  • What is the meaning of the government of Islamic Republic?
    2724 Philosophy 2006/07/15
    The word "government" means order and command.In the present terminology, it consists of the aggregate of the organized members and the ruling group that control the affairs of society.It consists of three powers, viz, legislative, executive and judiciary.As regard the word "jomhoori" (republic), it was first adopted ...
  • What is the status of the woman in Islam? Are they the same as men?
    3588 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2009/08/15
    According to Islam, the man and woman have to be in pursuit of a common objective, which is to reach the pinnacle of humanity, and both must bear the means of accomplishing such an objective without any difference as a result of difference in gender; a difference that the order ...
  • Can you please list the different rulings regarding dogs and cats?
    5331 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/02/10
    First of all salams and thank you for referring to this website to get the answers to your questions.The first thing that must be noted is that being tamed and trained have no affect on the rulings regarding these animals. The ...
  • Explain the infallibility of the prophets. Why is it that some verses of the Qur`an contradict their infallibility?
    4474 Traditional 2011/08/15
    The answer to these questions can be summarized in the following points: 1. Infallibility is a state of the soul that makes an infallible person shun sins or any unpalatable acts and protects him ...
  • Is it permissible to use a minor\'s property without his consent?
    1279 اموال صغیر و محجوران 2015/05/03
    It is appropriate to explain a few technical terms before dealing with the question: 1. Great scholars have defined the term 'saghir' (minor) as such: Saghir (minor) refers to a child who has not attained puberty. Such a person is not eligible under Shari'ah law to have ...