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  • What is the best name one can pick for their child?
    3389 Contextual study 2011/04/21
    Names portray the owner of the name and whenever a name is said, the owner immediately comes to mind, therefore it is important to choose suitable and good names. It has been mentioned in ahadith that the best and most suitable name is one that denotes obedience; the ...
  • Is it believed by the Shia that the creation of Adam was carried out by the hands of Imam Ali (as)?
    7075 Traditional 2010/06/21
    If some people believe that Imam Ali (as) independently created Prophet Adam (pbuh), it will be against the Quran and considered shirk. Not to mention that the creation of Adam by the physical body (hands) of Imam Ali (as) doesn’t comply with existing realities, because ...
  • Is stem-cell research haram?
    3724 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/11/25
    Since we are looking for the fiqhi ruling on this issue, we asked the question from the offices of the grand Ayatullahs (may Allah protect them) and also from Ayatullah Hadavi Tehrani, the following are the responses we received:The office of ...
  • What are the definition, place and necessity of Taqlid?
    3603 Modern 2011/04/06
    ‘Aql or reason which is endorsed by the Shari’ah and associated with jurisprudence is different from the manipulative intellect which we use in our lives. Although the intellect is also endorsed by divine legislator, it is to be noted that the power of intellect is limited ...
  • What is the reason behind the impurity of semen and urine?
    5106 بیشتر بدانیم 2014/04/20
    We must keep in mind that all of the divine laws are based upon securing the interests of mankind and keeping them away from harms. This means that nothing is lawful and unlawful without reason and it is not the case that things have been applied without ...
  • What are the different stages and levels of religion?
    3578 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    The main stages of religion are as follows:1- The “nafsul-amr” religion: What exists in the knowledge of Allah (swt) regarding the guidance of man to his eternal prosperity and salvation, is the “nafsul-amr” religion. In other words, the nafsul-amr religion is the way of life for man from ...
  • Why do some Shiite mystics and scholars renounce the world and divinely gifted halāl pleasures and bounties?
    2786 دنیا و زینتهای آن 2012/06/28
    The divine bounties and pleasures are not restricted to worldly and material things; rather they also include spiritualities which for many people entail greater pleasures. The mystics and pious ones have availed themselves of spiritual pleasures rather than worldly possession and advantages. They reached high spiritual and ...
  • Is making contact with beings from other worlds possible?
    4558 Traditional 2010/04/08
    There is no doubt that it is possible to make contact with beings from other realms. What is also certain is that using narcotic drugs and alcoholic beverages to do so is impermissible.The ways and instruments through which we can become aware of these hidden beings and the ways ...
  • What is the Solution to the inconsistency between the legislative wilayat (authority) of the Imams and the sealing of Prophethood?
    2911 Modern 2011/04/20
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • Did Umar scold and punish Abu-Hurairah as a result of him forging hadiths?
    15652 Science of narrators 2008/07/02
    Bukhari, Muslim, Dhahabi, Imam Abu Ja’far Iskafi, Muttaqi Hindi and others have reported that the second khalifah, whipped Abu-Hurairah as a result of him going too far in forging hadiths from the Prophet (pbuh) and strongly prohibited him from narrating any more till the end of his reign.The reason ...