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علم حضوری و حصولی

Random questions

  • What are the special fadhilat (prime) times of the five daily prayers?
    4810 Laws and Jurisprudence
    It is recommended that a person should offer the five daily prayers at their respective prescribed times. That is to say, each prayer should be offered at its special time of significance (fadhilat). It is not sufficient to observe as much a gap of ...
  • Why do some Shiite mystics and scholars renounce the world and divinely gifted halāl pleasures and bounties?
    3863 دنیا و زینتهای آن
    The divine bounties and pleasures are not restricted to worldly and material things; rather they also include spiritualities which for many people entail greater pleasures. The mystics and pious ones have availed themselves of spiritual pleasures rather than worldly possession and advantages. They reached high spiritual and ...
  • If kurr water is poured on a najis hand, and some of this water splashes off, what is the ruling of such splashed water?
    4600 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to the view of all the maraje’, in the case of kurr water coming in contact with a najis substance, or something that has become najis because of coming in contact with a najis substance, it won't become najis, given that the splashed water doesn’t contain any ...
  • Is chest beating for Imam Hussein an act endorsed by Islam?
    10050 Traditional
    The concept of mourning for Imam Hussein is among the furu’ or branches of the Shia school of thought and there are many reasons that support it.  But regarding the way of mourning one must say that as long as it does not contradict a principle or a ...
  • What should a person do if he wishes to be firm and steadfast in his beliefs?
    3714 اسلام و ایمان
    To understand religion and acquire spiritual perfection, the period of youth is a golden and blessed opportunity. Our religious beliefs are not only about knowing and learning; in fact they have also more to do with practical wayfaring and self-reconstruction. However, the basis of beliefs is cognition ...
  • Why did our imams practice polygamy?
    5189 Traditional
    There are many reasons behind marriage; spiritual calmness and tranquility, fulfillment of reproductive needs and desires, having a partner in life and the continuation of generations. Giving shelter and asylum to women without an abode, protecting society from corruption, and the conditions of the ...
  • Who were the Ansar?
    5963 تاريخ بزرگان
    Ansar is the plural form of Naser from the root of Nasr, and means people who help and aid. In the advent of Islam, the residents of Medinah and its outskirts, especially the members of the two tribes of the Aws and Khazraj were called the Ansar, because ...
  • What is the purpose of creating mankind and the world?
    6194 Traditional
    God Almighty is a never-ending entity possessing all forms of perfection and creating is His grace. Since Allah (swt) is the All-Graceful, granting everything and anything possible, his being graceful calls for him to create all things that can and deserve to be created. So, Allah (swt) creates because ...
  • Do Shia Muslims not go to Hell?
    11115 جبر یا اختیار و عدالت پروردگار
    The fact that some people are held responsible for their deeds and subjected to punishment in Hell and some are endowed with blessings and bounties is based on a principle which Allah has pointed out in some of the Quranic verses. God, the Almighty, rejects all kinds ...
  • What is the ruling on having an illegitimate relationship with a non-mahram girl?
    5339 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Any form of sexual relationship, let it be speaking intimately, touching and caressing etc. before marriage is haram. As for fornication or zina which is intercourse with one who isn't your legal wife (by permanent marriage or mut’ah), it is a great sin as mentioned ...