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  • Why has God not protected Masjidul Haram and Ka'bah against floods and other disasters?
    4176 Traditional 2011/06/11
    Ka'bah and Masjidul Haram (Grand Mosque) are the most sacred, most revered and most valuable places on earth. The building of Ka'bah is made of earthly materials. All the laws governing the material world govern the House of God as well. Thus, it is vulnerable against floods, earthquakes, fires ...
  • are the reasons that prove the Quran has not been altered?
    5851 Traditional 2010/07/22
    The distortion of the Quran has a broad meaning that covers all possible changes, whether it’s the adding of words, omitting of words, changing the combination of the words or changing the combination of different phrases. Muslim Scholars have mentioned several reasons that prove the Quran has not ...
  • Is an Imam’s status greater than that of a prophet’s?
    12903 Traditional 2012/01/17
    The superiority of the Imams in comparison to the prophets is mentioned in many hadiths and the reason to it is the oneness of the inner light of the prophet of Islam and the Imams. Since the prophet is greater than other prophets, the ...
  • What is meant by justice as one of the fundamentals of faith?
    343 معنای عدل الهی 2017/01/21
    Justice has been discussed and debated in detail covering all its meanings. However, what has been very much a matter of controversy and heated debate is the difference between Imamiyah and Mu'atazilah on the one hand and Ash'arites on the other. Justice in the sense that each ...
  • Does a virgin girl need to get her father’s permission for marriage?
    2980 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/12/20
    The maraje’ consider the permission of the father or paternal grandfather [in the case of her not having a father] of a virgin girl necessary for her marriage[1].[2] The baligh virgin girl who can distinguish between what is ...
  • Is it the case that for sleeping or resting we must face the Qiblah? What should be done about burying a dead individual?
    3023 Practical 2010/05/20
    Our ahadith have divided sleeping into four types in which the best of all of them for the believer is to sleep on his right and towards the Qibla.Imam Ali (a) is narrated to have said: “Sleeping has four types: The Prophets (a) would sleep on their backs, ...
  • What does it mean when the Shia say that the Sahabah became apostates and denounced their faiths after the prophet (pbuh) and how is this matter proven?
    3854 Traditional 2009/08/22
    Straying from the straight path is something that certainly that took place amongst a group of the Sahabah (companions of the prophet (pbuh)) after the prophet’s (pbuh) demise because:Firstly, this is something that the most authentic Islamic sources verify and doesn’t exclusively belong to Shia sources. There are ...
  • Who are the Ahlul-Bayt?
    24275 Traditional 2007/05/24
    The Prophet of Islam’s (s) Ahlul-Bayt are the same as the people of the cloak: Prophet Muhammad (s), ‘Alī, Fātimah, Hassan, and Hussayn (a). The proof for this is numerous traditions narrated by Shia and Sunni scholars. These traditions are found in more than seventy famous Sunni and Shia sources.
  • What are the opinions of the Maraj'e in regard to using Qama in the past and in present time?
    3921 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/07/21
    Mourning for Imam Hossein has always been emphasized on by the Imams and Muslim scholars, and throughout history, there have always been gatherings in which people would mourn for the Imam.One of the ways people in some cities and countries would perform the mourning for the Imam and ...
  • When Maghrib and Isha prayer become Qaza?
    23365 زمان 2007/01/10
    The answer given to the question by the office of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei is as follow: The last time for performing Maghrib and Isha prayer is at canonical midnight. (i.e: 11 ¼ hours after, the canonical noon). The precaution states that if one hasn’t performed one’s salat ...