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Last Updated: 2009/10/22
Summary of question
Which verses of the Quran are the verses of “Sukhrah”?
What does the term "the verses of Sukhrah" refer to?
Concise answer

The term "Verses of Sukhrah" or "Verses of Taskhir" refer to verses 54 to 56 of surah A’raf, which hadiths have spoken about the benefits of their recitation.

Detailed Answer

Verses 54 to 56 of surah A’raf are called the Verses of Sukhra.

The verses are as follows: " انّ ربّکم الله الذی خلق السّموات و الارض فی ستّة ایّام ثمّ استوی علی العرش یغشی اللّیل النّهار یطلبه حثیثاً والشّمس والقمر والنّجوم مسخّرات بامره الا له الخلق والامر تبارک الله ربّ العالمین * ادعوا ربّکم تضرّعاً و خفیة انّه لایحبّ المعتدین * و لاتفسدوا فی الارض بعد اصلاحها و ادعوه خوفاً و طمعاً انّ رحمةالله قریب من المحسنین".

These verses have been spoken of a lot in narrated hadiths. One of the things that has been pointed out is that reciting these verses (seventy times) will stop the bad and evil of human and jin “devils”.[1]

[1] Mustadrakul-Wasa’il, vol. 4, pg. 169; Man La Yahduruhul-Faqih, vol. 2, pg. 521, hadith 3134; Jami’ul-Da’awat, pg. 19; Usul Kafi, vol. 1, book of hujjah, pg. 279; Mir’atul-Uqul, vol. 1, pg. 252; Usul Kafi, vol. 2, pg. 392; see: Hasan HasanZadeh Amoli, Hezaro Yek Nokteh, nokteh no. 978, pg. 799.

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