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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:Exegesis)

Random questions

  • What is the Islamic law concerning marriage between a Sayed and a non-Sayed?
    5441 History of Fiqh
    There is no problem in the marriage between Sayed girls or women with non-Sayed Shiite men as it is not necessary for Sayed girls and women to marry Sayed men[1]. None of the jurists have forbidden such a marriage.For instance, Grand Ayatollah Saafi ...
  • What is the ruling regarding joyful and rousing music mixed with a song by a female singer?
    4713 Laws and Jurisprudence
    If foreign music is of ghina and haram type, it is not permissible to listen to it. Haram music is the music which is commensurate with the gatherings of entertainment and moral depravity. According to jurisprudents, it is absolutely not permissible to listen to such type of ...
  • What is the meaning of Labbayk?
    11586 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Labbayk means to answer in the affirmative, to agree with and accept an invitation[1], an acceptance accompanied with honor, respect and praise. This term was originally "Labbayna" plus "Lak", and turned to "Labbayk" through combining the two words into one (Idghaam).[2] ...
  • What is the reason behind the necessity of paying Khums and where is it spent? Why don't the Sunnis pay it?
    10422 Laws and Jurisprudence
    1. There are few verses in the holy Quran that contain general ordinances about obligations such as purity, prayers, hajj, fasting etc. The exposition and clarification of those ordinances and their conditions have been designated to the Prophet (pbuh) and his successors. The rules regarding fast and hajj (the obligatory ...
  • What is zina muhsanah?
    4139 حدود، قصاص و دیات
    Zina denotes copulation with other than one’s legal spouse (permanent or temporary), which the Quran labels as a grave sin, about which Allah has said: “Do not approach fornication. It is indeed obscene and an evil way.”[1],[2] If this ...
  • What is the ruling on Stellate Sturgeon?
    6063 انواع ماهیان
    Those who are followers of Imam Khumayni (rah), can consume those fish they aren't sure have scales or not. As to those who follow scholars who believe it to be haram, they can still buy and sell the fish for purposes other than eating. Therefore, each person ...
  • Who are the Ismaeili Bahreh Shias and what do they believe in?
    4075 تاريخ بزرگان
    The "Bahreh Davoodis" are a branch of the "Ismaili" sect. The "Ismailis" believe Ismail, the son of Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) which passed away during his father's lifetime, to be the seventh Imam. The followers of this sect have unique beliefs that we will explain in the detailed ...
  • rytrjyrtt,rey
    5227 System
    People are one of the fundamental factors in the Islamic government and play the following roles:1- Choosing the Islamic government2- Selecting the government’s high ranking officials, either directly or indirectly3- Giving advice and consultation ...
  • Is it possible for humankind to know Allah (awj)? If yes, to what degree and what is the value of such knowledge?
    7369 Traditional
    The human being can attain knowledge of Allah (awj) through various ways. This knowledge can come about through the medium of the intellect or of the heart. At times he—as in the case of the sage and the philosopher—reasons and understands through conceptual knowledge ...
  • Is it possible to mention names of all the prophets (as)?
    1148 تاريخ بزرگان