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تجلی ذاتی

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  • What is the ruling on wearing makeup in public?
    4583 Fiqh 2007/01/10
    1 & 2 : It is not permissible and there is no difference between the various means employed for beauty or make-up purposes.3 : Assuming laity (urf) deems it as ‘beauty’ (zeenat), it is not permissible. Summary Notes by ‘Porch of Wisdom’Assuming laity regards a given woman as ...
  • Is it permissible to use dead fetal bodies (aborted human bodies) for research?
    2332 گوناگون 2014/06/23
    Most jurisprudents and religious authorities do not allow a human body (embryo or born human being) to be dissected. However, some other scholars[1] say in this regard that if a human body is dissected to make medical and scientific discoveries that are needed by ...
  • Is it permissible for men to listen to a woman’s singing?
    5427 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2013/01/24
    As you have rightly mentioned, men are different from women in a lot of ways. For this reason, different rules have been legislated for each group. When it comes to a woman reciting eulogies and narrating the sad stories of the infallibles, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei says: “If ...
  • Is it permissible to build a mosque in a graveyard?
    3204 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/01
    Office of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life)If the said graveyard is not a part of an endowed piece of land or a private property and it is not either a public place which is needed and used by people on various occasions ...
  • Why is a salawat without the end part of “آل محمد” considered an incomplete one?
    6031 Exegesis 2009/12/28
    Not only isn't adding the household of the prophet (pbuh) to the end of the salawat bid’ah, but it is in total accordance with what the Quran, hadiths, the mind and irfan tell us, the reason being:1- Bid’ah refers to when something that isn't part of religion is ...
  • When are nafilahs to be performed?
    4845 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/08/16
    Performing nafilahs prepares one for performing the wajib prayers and brings a tendency and desire for performing Islamic obligatory acts and wajib prayers.The most important outcome of praying nafilahs is what the famous hadith of Qubul-Nawafil discloses to ...
  • Why weren't the Holy Prophet's wives called Ummul Muslimeen instead of Ummul Momineen?
    6960 Exegesis 2011/02/08
    The title "Ummul Momineen" (Mother of the Believers) is derived from the sixth verse of Chapter al-Ahzab of the Quran. In view of the contexts surrounding the verse, it can be said that the word Momineen in the said verse refers to all Muslims; thus, Ummul ...
  • Was anyone appointed as prophet by Allah from European and Indian peoples (not Semites)?
    3879 پیامبران و کتابهای آسمانی 2015/04/18
    Man is a duty-bound creature and duty would necessitate prophets to be appointed and sent to deliver obligations, messages and injunctions to him, otherwise duty would be unwise or meaningless. The Holy Quran says in many a number of verses that wherever there was a nation or ...
  • Is God is so powerless that He cannot do any act unless there should be someone else to carry out His tasks?
    3658 Traditional 2011/12/20
    The claim and presupposition in this question is that God does the act of which He is capable and if there is an act which He does not have the power to do, He uses certain means to carry them out and achieve His ends. However, ...
  • are the reasons that prove the Quran has not been altered?
    6728 Traditional 2010/07/22
    The distortion of the Quran has a broad meaning that covers all possible changes, whether it’s the adding of words, omitting of words, changing the combination of the words or changing the combination of different phrases. Muslim Scholars have mentioned several reasons that prove the Quran has not ...