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  • Did religion come to imprison us or to set us free?
    3946 Modern 2011/08/15
    Freedom, from the point of view of religion, can be studied under two headings: spiritual freedom and socio-political freedom. From the spiritual perspective, man’s essence or immaterial self is free from corporeality, materiality, and material characteristics. It is nostalgic of its place of origin, the realm of ...
  • Did Mukhtar keep any love of Abu Bakr and Umar in his heart? Why didn’t he defend Imam Hussein in Karbala?
    1275 شخصیت های شیعی 2017/01/24
    The traditions about Mukhtar in our sources are divided into two categories; some of them praise and others simply reproach him. The scholars who specialize in hadith and biographical accounts generally choose to rely on the traditions which praise him and they have given their views about ...
  • Does God, the Exalted, forgive an adulterer?
    3131 Practical 2012/09/25
    Dear User, God, the Compassionate and the Merciful, has promised to forgive all the sins of the penitent, even the sin of associating with Him a partner.[1] It is necessary to note that repentance from adultery or fornication is not ...
  • What difference do God's knowledge, power, justice and life make with the same attributes in human beings?
    3293 Traditional 2011/12/19
    God, the Exalted, is characteristic of such attributes (e.g. knowledge, power and life etc.) which indicate the perfection of His essence.Man also possesses these characteristics and is qualified by them. He is powerful, knowledgeable and alive but with God's permission. The qualities with ...
  • Is stem-cell research haram?
    3816 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/11/25
    Since we are looking for the fiqhi ruling on this issue, we asked the question from the offices of the grand Ayatullahs (may Allah protect them) and also from Ayatullah Hadavi Tehrani, the following are the responses we received:The office of ...
  • Is it possible to throw some light on the life and messengership of Prophet Hud (a.s.)?
    3316 تاريخ بزرگان 2013/05/15
    Prophet Hud is one of the divine prophets whose name has been mentioned seven times in Surah al-Araf and Surah al-Shu’ara. He is among the descendants (great grandsons) of Prophet Noah (a.s.) with seven generations away. He was called ‘Hud’ because he had been protected from the ...
  • What are the ways for drawing Allah’s (swt) affection and love?
    5336 Practical 2009/07/23
    Allah's (swt) affection for people doesn’t mean what is normally understood from this concept; because it entails deficiencies that Allah (swt) is pure of and theology has proven false. What Allah's (swt) affection for others truly means is that this affection stems from His love for ...
  • I want to know the philosophy behind the Kunday niaz (offering) which is given all over my country in the months of Rajab and Sha’ban.
    16518 امام صادق ع 2012/09/24
    1. Nazr (vow) means making it obligatory upon oneself to do some good act, or to refrain from doing an act which is better not to do, for the sake of, or for the pleasure of Allah. [1] Thus, it can be done with ...
  • What educational system is followed in Iranian Howzah schools?
    3501 History of Fiqh 2011/11/21
    Today education in Iranian Howzah schools starts when students attend these schools after finishing middle school or high school (and achieving a diploma). During their educational career they pass the different levels of studies including mughaddamati (Introductory studies) which consists of Arabic syntax and grammar, ma’ani, bayan, logic, ...
  • Is a divorce done by SMS permissible?
    4289 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/01/06
    The divorce process, in Islam, beholds a number of prerequisites.Conditions attributed to the man (who executes the divorce) include:1.       sanity (ought not be insane)2.       pubescent (can’t be a child or infant)