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Random questions

  • Is it a must that the trousers must not pass the ankle?
    3365 دستور العمل ها 2013/05/15
    There is a chapter in Kulayni’s Al-Kafi titled “Tashmir al-Theyab” in which it has been pointed out that it is preferred that the clothe a person wears should not be so long to be dragged on earth. However, despite that, we must not neglect the elements ...
  • What advice does Ayatollah Khomenehie give to the Muslims in America?
    3703 Modern 2007/02/10
    Asalaamu Alaikum,Other than the topics which he has conveyed in his public announcements (which are available on his website[1]) the Supreme Leader has not expressed anything ...
  • Please explain the principles of Sheikh Toosi's political thought.
    4496 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/12/21
     With the emergence of every era new needs and questions are generated which cause scientists and scholars to think and contemplate and strive to find appropriate answers to, and Sheikh Toosi is one the great scholars who has carried such a burden. The fundamentals of ...
  • Did the Prophet maintain his ties of kinship with Abu Lahab?
    6129 The infallibles 2009/11/25
    Silatul Arham is an act that results in family ties. Its importance in Islam is to the extent that cutting ties even with a kin who is not a believer isn’t permissible. Of course maintaining ties with a blood relative is not allowed if a he/she intentionally is ...
  • What is meant by line, dot etc. in mysticism (irfan) and what does the narration “I am the dot under the “ba” signify”?
    1572 Theoretical 2017/01/21
    In mysticism, numbers, letters, shapes etc. are language codes signifying certain occult realities of the world. The ”dot” signifies the real unity of God whose image is placed in man”s heart (mind) and it is for the same reason that the ”perfect man” (insan kamil) has been ...
  • What is the reason for mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s)?
    4295 History of Fiqh 2011/11/19
    The events which have taken place in the history of every society hold valuable experiences and lessons that have been achieved with great pain and at a heavy price. Those experiences and lessons are assets that can have a great impact on the destiny and future of that ...
  • What are the origin and beliefs of Ya'furiyah sect?
    3510 تاريخ کلام 2011/10/30
    There is not much information about Ya'furiyah in history. What has been mentioned in historical resources is the following: 1. Ya'furiyah sect refers to the followers of Muhammad bin Bashir who ceased to believe in the Imamate (leadership) of Musa bin Ja'far and later denied ...
  • Why do Shias curse the Sahabah and khalifahs?
    7588 Traditional 2008/05/11
    One of the accusations that Shias have always faced from those who oppose them is that they have a hidden enmity towards the Prophet’s companions (Sahaba). However, this accusation is false because the Shia consider the Sahaba as the primary bearers, conveyers, and promoters of Islam. The holy Quran says: ...
  • What does Islam recommend for a man to be cleaned and well-dressed?
    5532 Theoretical 2012/02/14
    Observing cleanliness is necessary everywhere and for all – men and women. One should always keep his body and clothes clean and tidy. He should wash his hands and face every morning, brush his teeth and comb his hair. Islam highly recommends observance of cleanliness and ...
  • Who are the people of Gog and Magog? Where did they end up? What were the actions taken by Dhul-Qarnayn against them?
    10017 Exegesis 2012/12/16
    It is inferred from the Quranic verses, the information provided by Torah and historical evidence that these people lived in north Asia. They were known for their atrocious and barbaric attacks creating catastrophe by ruthlessly killing people in the south and west. However, Dhul-Qarnayn built the wall ...