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  • What does it mean when it is said that Adam (pbuh) descended from heaven?
    4261 Traditional 2010/04/18
    "Hubut"means to come down and descend, and it is the opposite of Su’ud (ascension) and sometimes it means to settle down in a certain place.In order to explain the Hubut of Prophet Adam first we need ...
  • Isn't there a contradiction between when Imam Ali (as) gave his ring to the beggar while in prayer and when an arrow was pulled out of his foot in prayer and he didn’t feel anything?
    6685 Contextual study 2009/10/22
    In response to your question, the following points can be pointed to:1- Man has the potential to acquire virtues through performing certain acts that please Allah (swt), and reach a point in which he bears all virtues, becoming a complete individual and achieving total perfection.2- When one reaches ...
  • How can the contradiction between Islam and Christianity about God having a son be resolved?
    4372 Traditional 2012/04/19
    Based on what has been stated in surah Tawhid, the Muslims believe God to neither have begat a son, nor been begotten himself. All monotheistic religions also hold this same belief, with Christianity being no exception. The reason being that all divine religions are based on man’s ...
  • Who are the infallibles (ma’sum)?
    3470 Traditional 2008/08/23
    Infallibility is a spiritual power and inner virtue that restrains one from even imagining and thinking of sinning, let alone committing sin and in Islamic terms, means for one to be protected from sin, mistake and forgetfulness.Infallibility can be divided into ...
  • What is the meaning of Labbayk?
    10297 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/05/21
    Labbayk means to answer in the affirmative, to agree with and accept an invitation[1], an acceptance accompanied with honor, respect and praise. This term was originally "Labbayna" plus "Lak", and turned to "Labbayk" through combining the two words into one (Idghaam).[2] ...
  • Can I perform two Umrah pilgrimages in one month?
    3084 گوناگون 2013/12/25
    Umrah is an act of worship which is performed usually either as Mufradah or Umrah of Tamattu'. These are names of two different pilgrimages performed on different occasions. It has been said by religious authorities and grand jurisprudents that it is recommended to repeat an umrah pilgrimage ...
  • When are nafilahs to be performed?
    4498 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/08/16
    Performing nafilahs prepares one for performing the wajib prayers and brings a tendency and desire for performing Islamic obligatory acts and wajib prayers.The most important outcome of praying nafilahs is what the famous hadith of Qubul-Nawafil discloses to ...
  • Does Imam Mahdi (aj) have a spouse and children?
    13449 Traditional 2009/08/15
    Although it is possible for the imam (as) to have a spouse and children, and such a matter is in no way in conflict with his occultation, nevertheless, there isn't any substantial hadithic reasoning that proves anything regarding this subject. It can be said that just as how ...
  • Is it permissible to dance for fitness?
    3317 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/04
    We forwarded your question to the offices of the grand jurists and the answers which we have received are as under: Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life): If dancing entails sexual excitation or committing a ḥarām act like listening to ḥarām ...
  • What is reconciliatory Taqiyah and where is it practiced?
    1817 تقیه 2015/04/14
    Reconciliation is the act of making friendly relations; it is the action of making one view or belief compatible with another in order to appease someone and make him surrender to something. This is what also the Arabic word 'mudara' means.[1] There is a ...