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  • Is the religion of Islam a strict and difficult religion? ou. (Sura al-Baqara).
    8463 Traditional 2013/10/26
    Being the most perfect religion, Islam is based on ease and simplicity. Its rulings and regulations are intertwined with ease and simplicity. Clear foundations and simple concepts that can be understood by any wise and civilized man have made Islam a simple, comprehensible, logical and reasonable shari'a ...
  • Why do Shias believe in the Imams and their Imamate?
    23762 Traditional 2010/04/08
    I believe that you are asking how we can find out if someone is really an Imam or not. However, before answering this question, we should first understand why we need to believe in the concept of Imamate.Imamate is an important issue in Islam, and it is the last ...
  • Why didn’t Imam Ali (as) return Fadak to the children of Lady Fatimah (as) during his reign?
    6848 تاريخ بزرگان 2009/06/22
    “Fadak” was a flourishing land in which was taken over by the Muslim army without any military force in the seventh year of hijrah after the fortresses of Khaybar were conquered one after another. As a result of these lands falling into the hands of the Muslim army ...
  • How can one create harmony between religion and science?
    3487 Philosophy of Religion 2008/07/02
    Those who consider religion and science as two separate ways aren’t truly familiar with divine religions particularly Islam and haven’t paid attention to the fact that the two are of completely different responsibilities that have nothing in common.Religion is of three parts; man’s relationship with himself, man’s relationship ...
  • What kind of a book is "Mikyalul Makarim"?
    2314 تألیفات شیعی 2014/01/20
    The book "Mikyalul Makarim fi Fawaed al-Dua Lil-Qaem" as the title of the book reads, has been authored regarding Mahdi, the Imam of Time (atf). This is one of the books written in Arabic in the fourth hegira century.[1] The book Mikyalul Makarim consists ...
  • What is the Islamic law about taking loans from non-Muslim banks?
    4907 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/29
    "Taking out a loan does not require permission of a qualified Mujtahid (hākim shar'a) even if it is from a government bank. The contract of taking a loan is valid, though it may be based on interest. However, if it is an interest-based loan, it is haram to ...
  • Which one of the holy Imams (AS) recited Dua Faraj?
    1396 Contextual study 2017/05/20
    The term “faraj” means remedy or improvement or relief from grief and sorrow. [1] The hadith books which include this term and also duas and deeds (a’amāl) have referred to the same meaning. We suffice to mentioning a few examples of duas which have ...
  • Do the Holy Prophet’s parents enter Paradise?
    6995 Traditional 2012/06/19
    Based on the verses of the Holy Quran, belief in God and good deeds are generally the most important requirements for entering Paradise. Shia scholars and also a number of Sunni sects believe that the Holy Prophet's parents and ancestors were monotheists and good doers. Shaykh ...
  • How can one become sure which of the ulema giving advice and lectures are worthy and qualified to so?
    3308 Practical 2008/08/20
    Based on Islamic teachings, it is an obligation upon all, to either be of research in order to learn what their religion wants from them, or to refer to Islamic scholars in order to get familiar with it. Since most people aren’t able to do deep religious studies, ...
  • What is the ruling on using henna in the state of jinabat and heyd? Does nail polish cause any problem for wudu?
    4246 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/07/20
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...