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  • If Ali (A.S.) was enemies with the Khulafa then why did he give some of his children similar names to them?
    4679 Traditional 2010/11/22
    With a quick glance at historical books we see that Abu Bakr ibn Ali, Umar bin Ali and Usman bin Ali were the children of Laila the daughter of Masoud Thaqafi, Um Habib and Ummul Banin, respectively. When reflecting on the similarity of name between these children and ...
  • What is our duty during the time of Imam Mahdi’s occultation?
    4215 Traditional 2011/12/20
    Our duties during the Imam’s occultation are very much the same duties we have during his presence. One could briefly say that the greatest duty of the Shias during this period is to await Faraj and Imam Mahdi’s government. Awaiting Faraj means to carry out all commands of ...
  • What should a person do if he wishes to be firm and steadfast in his beliefs?
    2837 اسلام و ایمان 2013/01/20
    To understand religion and acquire spiritual perfection, the period of youth is a golden and blessed opportunity. Our religious beliefs are not only about knowing and learning; in fact they have also more to do with practical wayfaring and self-reconstruction. However, the basis of beliefs is cognition ...
  • What is meant when it is said that Awliya’ullah have the knowledge of the past, present and the future?
    7207 Traditional 2011/06/21
    The knowledge we possess is accumulated from many different ways. One of these ways is one’s connection with Unseen which is also done in many forms and can differ depending on the individual’s emotional, spiritual and mental capacity and can increase or decrease depending on his connection with ...
  • Does God, the Exalted, forgive an adulterer?
    3131 Practical 2012/09/25
    Dear User, God, the Compassionate and the Merciful, has promised to forgive all the sins of the penitent, even the sin of associating with Him a partner.[1] It is necessary to note that repentance from adultery or fornication is not ...
  • What are the plans and goals of Shaytan?
    3436 Traditional 2010/12/21
    1- To misguide man2- To invite the people to superstitious and innovative acts3- To cause them to bring about change in Allah’s creationThese are some of Shaytan’s plans and goals that have been mentioned in the Quran. ...
  • Can you provide a short biography of Imam Hussein (AS)?
    148 امام حسین ع 2018/10/16
    Historians unanimously believe that Shia”s third Imam was born in the holy city of Medina but there are little differences as to the date of his birth. Sheikh Tusi (460 A.H.) says that the Imam (AS) was born on third of Sha”ban in the fourth hegira year
  • What is the philosophy behind ziarah of Imams?
    4714 زیارت قبور و بنای مراقد 2012/12/01
    The inward tendency and attraction toward someone or something, along with respect and honor, is called ziarah. Since the reality of a human is his soul which is never annihilated, a za'er [pilgrim] who makes ziarah of a demised dignitary has in fact made ziarah of a ...
  • What is the ruling on looking at porn that involves non-Muslims?
    9380 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/04/29
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • What is Shirk?
    26349 Traditional 2007/01/21
    Literally, shirk means to allocate; technically, in Quranic terminology, shirk – in contrast to hanif – signifies the process of allocating someone/thing as the Almighty Allah’s partner or equal. Hanif means being inclined towards righteousness and moderation; hence, the term has been coined onto those who have disassociated themselves from ...