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  • Did angels and jinns come to the help of Imam Hussein in Karbala? Why didn’t the Imam accept their offer?
    8490 تاريخ بزرگان 2010/04/20
    Some of our hadith sources contain hadiths narrated from the ma'sumin mentioning how Allah (swt) sent help for Imam Hussein by the jinns and angels.Of course, this isn't something unusual and has happened before; jinns, angels and any other means of ...
  • What is your opinion regarding Darwin\'s evolution theory?
    3022 آفرینش انسان و جهان 2015/09/14
    There are two theories among biologists regarding the creation of living beings including plants and animals. A) Transformism: The doctrine that living organisms have evolved from previously existing forms of unicellular beings that existed in oceans or in the mud deep underwater. This change is also called ...
  • “کلّ شیء هالک إلا وجهه”; it has been said that Imam Ali is wajhullah. What does this mean?
    7398 Traditional 2011/08/18
    Wajhullah is the countenance by which God appears before his creatures with and they look to and consider when wanting to remember Him. So, wajhullah is His noble qualities such as life, knowledge, power, hearing and seeing and also every quality from His qualities of action such as ...
  • What is the Islamic law about smoking cigarette or hookah?
    4801 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/06/21
    Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani's opinion regarding the foregoing question is as under: "Smoking tobacco (cigarettes and hookah) is absolutely haram because it is injurious to health."It should be noted that the jurisprudential argument of the verdict of Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani concerning the ...
  • Does showering after wudu, invalidate the wudu?
    2764 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/11/21
    It is okay to take a shower after wudu, and it doesn’t invalidate it.The only thing to remember is, when performing wudu, the head and feet that are wiped must be dry prior to wiping, and if they are wet to the extent that if you wipe your ...
  • Do the Shia believe that Lady Fatimah was higher than many other men?
    3150 Traditional 2010/01/21
    The answers to your first and second have already been given in Questions 458 (website: 492) and 455 (website: 489) respectively, please refer there.As for the answer to your third question:Although the prophets and imams, for reasons mentioned where needed, have been chosen from amongst other ...
  • What are the outcomes and consequent rulings of liwat?
    4708 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/12/21
    The ugly act of liwat is one of the greatest sins which the Quran introduces as the sin the people of Prophet Lut (pbuh) that brought about their punishment and annihilation from God.[1] This sin entails two types of outcomes; one is taklifi (has to ...
  • What are the different kinds of murder? Please, explain in detail.
    15061 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/22
    Murder can be studied and classified into different categories from different perspectives which we shall mention as under:1. Justified and unjustified murder;2. Time of murder;3. Murder through implementation of capital punishment such execution, hanging, stoning and various other kinds of carrying out death ...
  • What does Islam say about sound relationships between boys and girls?
    7732 گوناگون 2012/04/21
    According to Islam, the male and female complement each other and God, the All-Kind, has created them fore each other. One of the needs they have, are sexual ones. Fulfilling these needs must be within the boundaries and guidelines of Islam so that chastity and modesty are ...
  • Are we allowed to attend the majalis (gatherings) of Imam Hussein (as) at the houses of those muslims who treat Imam Ali (as) as God?
    2919 Traditional 2009/04/06
    Although holding mourning sessions and gatherings for Imam Husein (as) and his companions is a great act that brings one massive blessings and rewards, yet if these gatherings are used to strengthen and propagate false teachings that contradict true Islamic beliefs taught to us by the imams, not ...