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Random questions

  • What is the importance and philosophy of mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s.)?
    7330 Traditional
    In order for us to understand the significance and philosophy of mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s.), it is necessary to take notice of the following points:1. The Holy Quran (a.s.) has emphasized through many different verses on maintaining and reviving lofty ...
  • Is it haram to eat crab meat?
    10118 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In the interpretations of the criterion for the lawfulness of [eating] seafood, legal scholars have said; that which can be derived from hadiths is that the meat of sea creatures should not be eaten, meaning it is unlawful[1] except for the ...
  • Which Imam is the Sayyids' great grandfather?
    3204 Laws and Jurisprudence
    ثWe need to mention that in order for you to know about someone's ancestors, it is necessary to refer to genealogists as we have no knowledge or specialization in this regard.To give a short and general answer to your question, what is known is that the Razavi Sayyids are ...
  • Was anyone appointed as prophet by Allah from European and Indian peoples (not Semites)?
    4301 ضرورت بعثت پیامبران
    Man is a duty-bound creature and duty would necessitate prophets to be appointed and sent to deliver obligations, messages and injunctions to him, otherwise duty would be unwise or meaningless. The Holy Quran says in many a number of verses that wherever there was a nation or ...
  • Please explain the concept of Hurul ‘In and if they relate to women as well.
    11578 Exegesis
    One of the blessings that Allah (swt) grants to people who do good deeds and have faith in Him is paradise and the bliss and blessings therein. For entering into heaven there isn’t any difference between men ...
  • Who are the Ahlul-Bayt?
    25878 Traditional
    The Prophet of Islam’s (s) Ahlul-Bayt are the same as the people of the cloak: Prophet Muhammad (s), ‘Alī, Fātimah, Hassan, and Hussayn (a). The proof for this is numerous traditions narrated by Shia and Sunni scholars. These traditions are found in more than seventy famous Sunni and Shia sources.
  • Why would people dig up someone if they are already dead? Isn\'t that haram?
    5801 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    The following is the response of the maraji' to your inquiry: It is haram to exhume the body of a dead believer. But in some cases, it will be permissible, namely: 1. When the dead body has been ...
  • What color turban did the Prophet (pbuh) and the Imams (as) wear?
    10812 The infallibles
    Many different societies and groups of people, including those in today’s civilized world, use signs and symbols to recognize and communicate with one another. Seyyids, as a result of historical occurrences and religious and social motives have also taken on different signs and slogans. From a religious point ...
  • Was Ibn Arabi Shia or Sunni?
    10681 تاريخ بزرگان
    The complicated personality and his attitude towards different great personalities of different sects has made it difficult to determine what sect Ibn Arabi belonged to, thus there are different viewpoints on this issue. Some say he was Sunni, some say he was a twelve imamer Shia, some say ...
  • Why do you limit the Ahlul Bayt (ع) to a few people?
    3852 Traditional
    The limiting of the Ahlul Bayt (ع) to the fourteen infallibles is not a human decision; it is an exclusivity understood from the Divine words in the Verse of Purification and the traditions of the noble Prophet (ص