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  • How can a person be forgiven for his sins?
    4470 Practical 2010/12/21
    There are many ways mentioned below that one can be forgiven and purified from his sins and misdeeds:1- Repenting according to its conditions and returning to Allah. 2- Doing extraordinary good deeds that cause the ...
  • Why is it permissible in Islam to marry female captives?
    3585 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2011/01/02
    Given that we have already dealt with the political and social aspects of slaveholding in our previous answers, here we will study two more issues concerning the subject matter: 1. The reason and philosophy behind the legality of conjugal relations with female captives 2. Why doesn’t this ...
  • What is the story of Salih’s she-camel in the Quran and the controversy that exists surrounding its death?
    9965 پیامبران و کتابهای آسمانی 2012/09/13
    One of the methods used by the Quran through its verses is the use of ijmal and tafsil (brevity and detail). There are three verses among the verses concerning the event of the death of Salih’s she-camel. The verses attribute the killing to the entire Samood tribe. ...
  • What is the ruling on working in places in which the income there is mostly haram?
    3488 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/09/09
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • Can ordinary human beings be infallible or not?
    3808 Traditional 2010/12/21
    The word infallible (ma’sum) means protection, to be secured, safety from committing sins and forgetfulness. Infallibility has levels and stages from which the highest is reserved for Prophets and imams. According to the Qur’an and traditions it is specific just for them due to their roles as leaders ...
  • Is it possible to clean the private parts using tissue paper?
    6078 گوناگون 2013/01/20
    It is permissible to use toilet paper to clean only the anus from faeces.[1] The urinary organ cannot be made ritually pure without water.[2] In places where you do not have access to water, you can use toilet paper ...
  • Is this fine to help or give money to needy people instead of giving a walima (feast), if a couple is going to marry?
    3125 گوناگون 2013/05/15
    The religion of Islam being perfect addresses all aspects of human life. It has prescriptions and codes of practice for Muslims to help them live a balanced and objective life. Hence, one must not go to extremes acting upon one injunction and putting others into oblivion. In ...
  • What are the features and privileges of Behar al-Anwar?
    2685 تألیفات شیعی 2015/05/03
    Behar al-Anwa being a huge hadith collection is the most important work by Allamah Muhammad Baqir Majlisi. It is a big encyclopedia of Shiite traditions encompassing all religious issues and themes including exegesis of the Quran, history, jurisprudence, theology etc. Some of the most important features of ...
  • Is there any problem in sweeping and cleaning one”s house at night?
    26239 Hadith 2015/06/07
    1. Having conducted a research into Hadith (scriptural) sources, we found out that the narrations about cleaning, dusting and sweeping a house are absolute and unrestricted in the sense that they include both day and night. There is nothing to indicate that dusting and cleaning are forbidden ...
  • What are the traits of the “mursal” religion?
    3426 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    1- The number of “mursal” religions is always in correspondence with the number of messengers sent by Allah (swt).2- The mursal religion is a result of man’s need towards the message of Allah (swt) to the people.3- The ...