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Last Updated: 2010/09/23
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If we wash our clothes by the hose that is installed at the top of a semi-automatic washing machine, will the clothes become pak?
If ghusl jinabat becomes wajib upon us, but before performing ghusl, if we wash our clothes under the shower and in the process, water splashes from our body to the clothes, will they become najis? If the answer is positive, if we put the clothes in the dryer of our semi-automatic washing machine so that water comes on them through the hose that has been integrated into the top of the machine and drained out, will the clothes become pak?
Concise answer

If you aren't sure whether najis drops have splashed onto the clothes, then those clothes will still be pak; just because there is a possibility that najis drops have reached the clothes doesn’t make them najis. If you are sure that najis drops have reached the clothes though, if they are devoid of najis substance (eyn najis), you can put them in the machine and if water from the hose that is attached to city water pipelines reaches everywhere of the machine and clothes, and the machine is turned on so that the clothes are spun and the water is drained, the clothes will become pak. Of course, in the cases that the clothes have to be washed twice, like when clothing becomes najis with urine, you must take out or turn off the hose after some water has come out of it, and once again turn it on so that they are washed twice.

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