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Random questions

  • What is meant by the ‘Unity of Existence?’
    3201 Islamic Philosophy
    What the philosophers and the mystics mean by the ‘unity of existence’ is not that the whole existing world put together is God; because, the whole collection does not enjoy a ‘real existence and unity’ (wujud wa wehdat-e-haqiqi). Similarly it also does not mean the ‘union’ (ittehad) ...
  • Can you explain how one can reach the “nafsul-amr” religion?
    4513 Philosophy of Religion
    There are three ways for reaching the nafsul-amr religion:1- Revelation2- Narration3- IntellectNormal people can only reach true religion using the second and third method, while special people can also reach it via the first. ...
  • Why is there less corruption in countries where there is no hijab as compared to the Islamic countries?
    5044 زن و حکومت اسلامی
    Your question can be studied from two perspectives: First, the existence of corruption in Islamic countries and then coming to the point that corruption in Islamic countries emanates from not implementing Islamic injunctions. Second, the claim that there is more corruption in Islamic countries than there is ...
  • What is the meaning of mutawatir and ma'roof traditions?
    6261 Contextual study
    For information about the meaning of mutawatir traditions and its various types, see index "the criterion for verbal, spiritual and ambiguous mutawatir traditions", question 2412. Ma'ruf Hadith Different definitions have been presented for Ma'ruf tradition: 1. A ma'ruf tradition is one whose text and it is content ...
  • Is the day of resurrection, structurally physical or a spiritual?
    5538 Traditional
    Even though logical reasoning proves the existence of a world other than the one we live in, the power of reason cannot reveal whether it is a spiritual or physical world, and in the case of it being physical, will the body be materialistic or mithali? Thus some ...
  • Is it right to limit women?
    4159 Practical
    The spiritual and moral health of a society depends on that of its individuals; men and women, and the spiritual health of individuals is only reachable through training and raising them correctly.  Islam has provided its followers with many instructions and guidelines regarding raising children (the first stage ...
  • What is the ruling on having a relation with a non-mahram girl before marriage?
    16322 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Any form of relationship before marriage, let it be speaking intimately, touching and caressing etc. is haram. If one speaks with a girl with the intention of seeking pleasure or if he fears that he might fall into a sin with her, it is not permissible for ...
  • Does playing video games that have blasphemy and magic render a person non-Muslim?
    7855 برخی احکام
    Watching such films or TV series does not make a person disbeliever but it is not permissible to watch movies which entail evil or when it is feared that one may be led astray. Index: We have forwarded this question to a number of prominent Shiite religious ...
  • Can I perform two Umrah pilgrimages in one month?
    4262 گوناگون
    Umrah is an act of worship which is performed usually either as Mufradah or Umrah of Tamattu'. These are names of two different pilgrimages performed on different occasions. It has been said by religious authorities and grand jurisprudents that it is recommended to repeat an umrah pilgrimage ...
  • What is the Islamic law regarding cleaning Turbah of Imam Hussein (a.s.) when it turns dark?
    6537 دو سجده
    Based on the sayings of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.), the soil of Karbala and the Turbah which is associated with the Chief of Martyrs, Imam Hussein (a.s.) enjoys a special significance. Sajda on this soil has been highly recommended by Infallible Imams (a.s.). For information in this regard, you ...