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قیاس اقترانی و استثنائی

Random questions

  • Why didn’t Imam Ali (AS) punish the murderers of Uthman?
    6018 امام علی ع و خلفا 2018/11/12
    1. Uthman was not killed by only one individual so that he could be brought to book; rather an extensive uprising was launched an angry mob against him. The uprising led ultimately to his death. Imam Ali (AS) could not punish thousands of people for launching an ...
  • When a female is in her period is it proper for her to say Lahila illallah?
    6394 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/08/01
    Saying La Ilaha Illallah during a woman’s period is okay. Interestingly, it is mustahabb for a women on their period to clean themselves of blood and change their cloth or cotton and make wudu and if not possible, to do tayammum and sit where they ...
  • What are the legal obligations of a wife towards her husband?
    17200 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/12/21
    The sustainability, continuity and stability of a marital life depend on love, understanding and respect for mutual rights.  In order for the family, which is small social unit, to be solidified and strengthened, the religion of Islam has made an arrangement in a way such that it has ...
  • Aren’t we free in choosing our religion? Then why did the Prophet demand the people of Yemen to either become Muslim or pay Jizyah?
    7178 دین 2012/07/21
    Jizyah gives non-Muslims the freedom of choosing whether they want to be Muslim or simply be a non-Muslim citizen of an Islamic government without having to convert their religion and it is natural to expect them to contribute to the management of the countries affairs by paying taxes ...
  • Where does the domino effect of mutanajjis items stop?
    9130 انتقال نجاست 2014/09/18
    Grand Aytollah Khamenei's view about a mutanajjis (an item which has come into contact with an essential impurity) as to how many intermediaries are required in the number of transmission of impurity in order for us to consider something as either impure or impure, is as under: ...
  • In which year was the revelation of the Quran completed?
    14805 Quranic Studies 2011/04/20
    There are different reports about the last chapter and the last verse sent down upon the Prophet (pbuh). According to some reports, the last chapter which was revealed to the Prophet (pubh) was Chapter al-Nasr whereas some other reports consider Chapter al-Bara'ah (al-Tawbah) to be the last chapter. There ...
  • What is the cure for doubts and obsession in beliefs?
    12392 درمان رذائل اخلاقی 2015/06/29
    As you have stated in your message, you are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, is a mental disorder where people feel the need to check things repeatedly, have certain thoughts repeatedly, or feel they need to perform certain routines repeatedly. There is no doubt that most of ...
  • What is bid’ah and what are the criteria for an act to be considered bid’ah and what differences do the Shia have with other Islamic sects on this issue?
    13420 Traditional 2008/07/21
    Bid’ah literally means innovation and in other words, something new, and in Islamic terms, means to relate something to religion that it has in no way asserted and in no way complies with any of its sayings and guidelines.According to this description, many of the Muslims’ ...
  • Do reasons exist for jurisprudential rulings?
    5493 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/03/11
    We will answer your question through the following points: 1- We must keep in mind that all of the divine laws are based upon securing the interests of mankind and in keeping them away from harm. This means that nothing is lawful and unlawful without ...
  • What is zina muhsanah?
    6414 حدود، قصاص و دیات 2012/04/14
    Zina denotes copulation with other than one’s legal spouse (permanent or temporary), which the Quran labels as a grave sin, about which Allah has said: “Do not approach fornication. It is indeed obscene and an evil way.”[1],[2] If this ...