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The word “Silah” in Arabic means to connect or to stay in touch and “Rahemm” (which literally means ‘womb’) refers to kinsfolk and close relatives.

The incidents that have taken place in the history of every society can have great effects on the destiny of that society and other societies. If an incident has been useful and effective in its own place, then reviewing and reconstructing it and keeping it alive can have a lot of benefits and effects for humanity. Hence, forgetting it can entail enumerable irreparable damages to human society. That is because the events take place in the history of nations at great material and spiritual cost in the sense that those nations lose their great men and go through a lot of hardship, difficulties and deprivations.


A reference site for answering religious questions and doubts



IslamQuest was first introduced in “The Year of the Great Prophet”, on the day of Mab’ath, in three languages – Farsi, Arabic and English.

The objective was for the website to be a reference for Islamic questions on the internet.

The first version of the website was designed by talented and religiously devoted Iranian youth.

Today, catering sixteen languages and archiving over one hundred thousand answers, and through the efforts of tens of researchers and translators, this website is host to fifty to one hundred thousands of users daily, benefitting and acting as a reference for answering questions on Islam and Islamic teachings. The new version of the website, loaded with many new features for both users and those researchers responding to submitted questions, has been designed through the efforts of some of the best religiously devout individuals and put at the disposal of those interested.

The Porch of Wisdom Institute announces its willingness to provide any other institute dedicated to answering Islamic inquiries online with this very expensive website design and software at no cost and free of charge.

We pray to be a worthy representative for introducing the radiant school of the Ahlul-Bayt (pbuth) online, and to be able to answer the many questions that come our way both precisely, and swiftly.

Mukhtar Al Thaqafi

Saturday, 07 November 2015

There are two different opinions about Mukhtar al-thaqafi. Some commended him and others blamed him.
The following are some reliable traditions in which Mukhtar has been commended and accepted by scholars of hadith and Rijal sciences:

Based on reports in history books, Mukhtar killed Umar bin Saad and sent his head along with some money to Muhammad bin Hanafiyah. Seeing Umarbin Saad’s head, Muhammad bin Hanafiyah prayed for Mukhtar as such, “O Allah, grant Mukhtar the best of rewards on behalf of Muhammad (saws) and his Ahlul-Bayt (1).”

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