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فضایل اخلاقی

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  • How long has the belief in Wilayatul Faqih existed?
    6065 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/08/01
    The concept of Wilayatul Faqih, taken to mean the leadership of a society under an individual who has reached the rank of ‘Ijtihad’ (Jurisprudence) in Fiqh, is according to some, a new concept in terms of Islamic thought and first originated ...
  • what is dignity? How can it be achieved? And what status do dignified people posses before God?
    4695 انسان شناسی 2019/06/10
    Dignity can be defined as the act of avoiding the degradation of oneself and baseness and a magnanimous man is the one who is free from all the indecencies. Indecency (antonym for dignity) equals degradation and humiliation and one has to equip oneself with the weapon ...
  • How long will the Imam of Time, Imam Mahdi (AS), will this world rule after he reappears?
    15390 Traditional 2013/12/05
    There are two categories of narrations in this regard which are apparently varied giving differing reports: 1. The first category of narrations has, for the major part, been extracted from Sunni sources.[1] According to it, the period during which the Imam of Time, Imam ...
  • Does asking about Islamic rulings require any expertise?
    5263 Practical 2008/08/20
    The knowing and learning of Islamic rulings and teachings is classified into different degrees and categories depending on its depth and how substantial it is:1- A simple and minimal understanding and familiarity; like learning Islamic rulings and traditions and its practical, ...
  • How do plants and inanimate objects glorify God, the Exalted?
    18562 بندگی و تسبیح 2012/10/15
    Man's knowledge about creatures of the world is truly restricted and unmentionable. How Dif y restricted and unmentionable. nanimate objects testiory? different creatures glorify God is still unknown to humans. In several Quranic verses and in traditions it has been stated that all parts ...
  • Please define and explain vicious circle (daur) and infinite regression of causes (tasalsul)?
    10592 ابطال دور و تسلسل 2013/03/16
    A vicious circle is a situation in which an attempt to resolve one problem creates new problems that lead back to the original situation. It is also a fallacy in reasoning in which the premise is used to prove the conclusion, and the conclusion used to prove ...
  • Did the Prophet maintain his ties of kinship with Abu Lahab?
    9428 The infallibles 2009/11/25
    Silatul Arham is an act that results in family ties. Its importance in Islam is to the extent that cutting ties even with a kin who is not a believer isn’t permissible. Of course maintaining ties with a blood relative is not allowed if a he/she intentionally is ...
  • Do we have more than one “nafsul-amr” religion?
    6200 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    Both what our minds and intellects and what the Quran and hadiths say are good proof that all humans are common in the “gem of humanity” that they possess (meaning that they have the potential of reaching high stages of nearness to God and perfection). Therefore, the “nafsul-amr” ...
  • How is the communication of spirits with people on earth?
    8439 Traditional 2011/10/29
    The Possibility of Communicating with the SpiritsIt is said that one way to obtain information from other worlds is to make contact with spirits.Take note of the following in this ...
  • “When was “hasten his reappearance” added to ‘salawat’ (greetings) and what was the reason behind it?
    4138 صلوات بر محمد و آل محمد 2017/01/24
    An inquiry into the traditions reveals that the phrase “hasten his reappearance” or “may Allah hasten their reappearance” was added to salawat in the time of the Holy Prophet (S) and pure Imams (AS). Here are a few reports to mention: 1. In a supplication named “Dua-e ...