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  • What are the rules of reaching the age of menopause for a woman 49 years of age?
    12596 یائسگی 2017/01/21
    All jurisprudence agrees that the blood which a woman sees after the age of 60 years is not classified as Hayd, though it might bear the signs of menstrual blood. As for the blood which women see after completion of 50 lunar years until 60, the rules ...
  • What is Shirk?
    33572 Traditional 2007/01/21
    Literally, shirk means to allocate; technically, in Quranic terminology, shirk – in contrast to hanif – signifies the process of allocating someone/thing as the Almighty Allah’s partner or equal. Hanif means being inclined towards righteousness and moderation; hence, the term has been coined onto those who have disassociated themselves from ...
  • Does man have the capacity to love Allah?
    7004 Practical 2010/09/05
    The logic behind experiencing ‘metaphoric’ love is to reach true love and if it is accompanied with chastity, after causing fundamental changes and developments it will bring man very close to Godly love. The very core and truth of religion is to reach the status of loving Allah; ...
  • Who are the Ahlul-Bayt?
    30979 Traditional 2007/05/24
    The Prophet of Islam’s (s) Ahlul-Bayt are the same as the people of the cloak: Prophet Muhammad (s), ‘Alī, Fātimah, Hassan, and Hussayn (a). The proof for this is numerous traditions narrated by Shia and Sunni scholars. These traditions are found in more than seventy famous Sunni and Shia sources.
  • Why did the Holy Prophet (s) and Imam Ali (a) not throw down and break the idols to pieces before the conquest of Mecca? Was it because they did not want to hurt those who worshipped the idols?
    9417 تاريخ بزرگان 2011/08/04
    The destruction of idols by the Holy Prophet (pbuh & his family) and Imam Ali (a) happened at the last stages of the propagation of Islam and conveyance of its message; this act of the Prophet (s) and Imam Ali (a) was a war launched against one of the ...
  • Is Imam\'s (A.S) asking holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) in contrast to Imam\'s (A.S) expansive knowledge? What is the scope of Imam\'s (A.S) knowledge according to Shia?
    6187 علم 2013/12/09
    There is no disagreement among Muslims about the necessity of Imam's knowledge. However the discrepancy exists about the quantity and quality of his knowledge. Shiites believe that the Imam should, at least, have the knowledge required for imamate [leadership], happiness and guidance of mankind. He should also ...
  • Is it haram to work at a restaurant that sells alcohol or to work at an institute that funds Israel?
    9064 Laws and Jurisprudence 2006/12/03
                The Supreme Leader's response to this question: Is it permissible to work at a factory that produces canned pork goods or at nightclubs or other corrupt establishments? And what is the ruling on the money earned from these types ...
  • Why should religion interfere in politics?
    7406 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/11/21
    The theory of the separation of religion from politics is a viewpoint that supports marginalizing religion from different fields of human life. According to this viewpoint, man is able to discover the true rules to culture, politics, judgment, economy, commerce, manners, social relationships, etc., and legislate them with ...
  • When did Shiite jurisprudence and marja\'eyyah begin?
    4432 اجتهاد و مرجعیت در اسلام 2017/01/24
    The necessity of taqlid is the result of a rational conclusion based on the need for divine guidance, through the Qur'an and the traditions. Thus, taqlid has its jurisprudential evidence in addition to reason which also admits that a person who is ignorant of religious rules should ...
  • Why does Allah hate divorce so much?
    14108 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/02/15
    Considering the antithesis between divorce and marriage, in order to learn of the reason why Allah hates divorce so much, we must first see why marriage bears so much significance in His eyes.[1]In the Quran, the creation of people in pairs has ...