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Thematic Category

Random questions

  • What is meant by the ‘Unity of Existence?’
    1077 Islamic Philosophy
    What the philosophers and the mystics mean by the ‘unity of existence’ is not that the whole existing world put together is God; because, the whole collection does not enjoy a ‘real existence and unity’ (wujud wa wehdat-e-haqiqi). Similarly it also does not mean the ‘union’ (ittehad) ...
  • Why is the dog a najis animal in Islam?
    13460 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    One of the fundamental teachings of Islam is that all legal rulings are based on the real benefits and harms behind them. If there were no benefits or harms, there would be no commands nor prohibitions, and no ruling regarding the najasah and taharah of things in religion.
  • Why shouldn’t women offer prayers and observe fast when they are in their menses?
    6088 بیشتر بدانیم
    Although there is wisdom behind all divine laws, it is for the major part hidden to us. In fact, no divine law has been enacted or legislated without a rationale or reason but it remains concealed to us. It is not permissible for women to offer prayers ...
  • Can ordinary human beings be infallible or not?
    4345 Traditional
    The word infallible (ma’sum) means protection, to be secured, safety from committing sins and forgetfulness. Infallibility has levels and stages from which the highest is reserved for Prophets and imams. According to the Qur’an and traditions it is specific just for them due to their roles as leaders ...
  • Are Abbas Bin Abdul Muttalib and his children unbelievers from the Shia perspective?
    11147 Exalted scholars
    Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib was the respected uncle of the Holy Prophet (s). While he is not considered as part of the ‘Ahlul Bait’ he is one of those who are given special respect by the Shias. For example alongside with the ‘Ziarat’ that the Shias do for ...
  • Please mention verses from Quran which prove the Imamate of Imam Ali (as).
    13475 Traditional
    The best approach in proving the Imamate of Imam Ali (as) for followers of the Sunni school of thought is through means of what has been mentioned in the Quran and narrations which have been mentioned in their own sources. Obviously, this can only be accomplished when an ...
  • Please explain the principles of Sheikh Toosi's political thought.
    4821 Laws and Jurisprudence
     With the emergence of every era new needs and questions are generated which cause scientists and scholars to think and contemplate and strive to find appropriate answers to, and Sheikh Toosi is one the great scholars who has carried such a burden. The fundamentals of ...
  • Where and when did mourning for Imam Hussein (A.S.) start first?
    6045 The infallibles
    The Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him and his family, wept on the martyrdom of Hamza and Ja’far and also encouraged others to weep. The great Shia Imams, peace be upon them, have encouraged us to keep the memory of the event of Karbala alive ...
  • How can I counter spells?
    3903 Practical
    Even though spells aren’t superstitious and may have substantial effects, not every person has the power to cast spells. Moreover, most individuals who claim to have the knowledge of casting spells are bogus; they look at this skill as a tool to trick people and make money.The ...
  • Can a soul or Jinn bother a human being?
    9087 Traditional
    We know very little about Jinns, but hadiths say that Jinns are responsible for their acts and have different beliefs, some are obedient towards Allah while others are not, the same as humans. Although Jinns are not clever, they do possess the power ...