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  • Is the hadith that says: “All the imams are equal to the prophet (pbuh) in rank.” (Al-Kafi, vol.1, pg.270) an authentic one?
    6021 Traditional
    Although the fourteen infallibles are all at the pinnacle of perfection and spiritual completion, yet the holy prophet (pbuh) of Islam is the highest of them all, possessing advantages and characteristics that no other infallible shares with him, as Imam Sadiq (as) says in the same hadith you ...
  • What is the reason behind the necessity of paying Khums and where is it spent? Why don't the Sunnis pay it?
    11164 Laws and Jurisprudence
    1. There are few verses in the holy Quran that contain general ordinances about obligations such as purity, prayers, hajj, fasting etc. The exposition and clarification of those ordinances and their conditions have been designated to the Prophet (pbuh) and his successors. The rules regarding fast and hajj (the obligatory ...
  • Is it possible for more than one eternal being to exist?
    4763 Traditional
    Every being in this world except - God Almighty – is dependent upon God in its initial phase of existence in addition to its continuance. The doctrine of Tawhid implicates a single being which is independent, needless and the cause of all creatures; for according to the law ...
  • What is reconciliatory Taqiyah and where is it practiced?
    2912 تقیه
    Reconciliation is the act of making friendly relations; it is the action of making one view or belief compatible with another in order to appease someone and make him surrender to something. This is what also the Arabic word 'mudara' means.[1] There is a ...
  • Can one pray mustahabb prayers with tayammum and at the same time pray wajib prayers with the same tayammum?
    4327 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to what has been stated in the risalahs of our respected maraje’, whoever cannot perform wudhu or ghusl for any reason, can pray the mustahabb prayers that have a specific time throughout the day with tayammum at the beginning of their time frame, given ...
  • Is it halal or haram to sell and deal in imitation jewelry?
    5891 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Office of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life): If the purchaser has knowledge of the item being imitation, there is no problem in the transaction by itself. However, if there is a law existing in this regard, it should be respected.
  • What is the ruling regarding taking injections during Ramadhan?
    6057 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There is a difference of opinion amongst scholars regarding this issue. To get a more precise answer, you will have to specify your marja’. Nevertheless, we will list the opinions of different marja’s below:Ayatullahs Bahjat, Imam Khomeini and Khamenei: If an ...
  • What does Ahl al-Bayt mean?
    7324 Islamic Philosophy
    Ahl al-Bayt is a Quranic, Hadith, and theological term meaning the family of the Noble Prophet of Islam (s). This term, with this meaning has been used in the Quran in the verse of purity (33:33).All Shia commentators of the Quran and many Sunni ones – by using evidence ...
  • What is Islam’s ruling on listening to music?
    8839 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Music is essentially sound, and watching it (without listening) has no ruling; the only ruling there is, has to do with producing and the sale of instruments, teaching and learning, playing, and listening to it. Most scholars consider listening to and producing lahwi music to be haram and ...
  • Was Ibn Arabi Shia or Sunni?
    12595 تاريخ بزرگان
    The complicated personality and his attitude towards different great personalities of different sects has made it difficult to determine what sect Ibn Arabi belonged to, thus there are different viewpoints on this issue. Some say he was Sunni, some say he was a twelve imamer Shia, some say ...