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Last Updated: 2012/03/10
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When Allah gives His creation certain qualities, does that mean that they have become partners with Him in that given quality?
When we say that qualities (like mercy, power and knowledge etc) are given to the creations of Allah by Allah for a specific time and in limited form and can be taken back whenever Allah wants, now does it mean that the creations have become partners or shareek or share holder or owners in the Attribute(s) of Allah for the time period they possess those qualities bestowed upon them by Almighty Allah?
Concise answer

When a creation is in lack of a certain quality such as power, and is then given it by God, even at the time when it seemingly bears that quality, it has no independence whatsoever. It isn't the case that for a certain time, it possesses a quality and is independent of God and after a while, it will lose it. Rather, even during the time it bears the quality, it is still in total need of God, and this is exactly what ‘Tawhid’ stands for; meaning that even when bearing a quality, the creation is not a partner of God in this quality.

Hence, it is wrong and in conflict with Tawhid to say that for a limited time, and to a limited extent, creation independently possesses divine qualities; the only difference being that in God, these qualities exist at a higher and more complete level, because such discourse is ‘Shirk’. True Tawhid is for one to say that the true owner of such qualities at all times and in all states is God, both when the quality is given to creation and when it is taken away.

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