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Last Updated: 2006/08/25
Summary of question
What is the ruling on wearing makeup in public?
According the opinion of Grand Ayatollah Khamenehie:
1- Can a woman beautify herself with things such as; plucking her eyebrows, shaving the hairs above her lip, or using eye-liner, and then go out in public, where non-mahrams can see her?
2- If this instance were to be a problem Islamicaly, then would "kool" also be included in this ruling?
3- Is it permissible to wear makeup that is very little or unnoticeable?
Concise answer

1 & 2 : It is not permissible and there is no difference between the various means employed for beauty or make-up purposes.

3 : Assuming laity (urf) deems it as ‘beauty’ (zeenat), it is not permissible.


Summary Notes by ‘Porch of Wisdom’

Assuming laity regards a given woman as ‘beautifying’ herself, appearing before the public (including non-mahrams) is deemed impermissible – irrespective of the means of beautifying employed by the woman.

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