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Last Updated: 2011/04/20
Summary of question
In the Quran, we can see that the general propositions of prayer have been outlined, but nothing of Imamate can be witnessed, is it possible to point out a section of the Quran as reference for Imamate?
Previously, you stated that Imamate is like Prayer, being mentioned in a general way (i.e. "اقیموا الصلاة") without engaging in specifics such as the number of raka’at and furthermore that God dictates not to doubt in issues that are commonly accepted and never objected upon, for instance the number of raka’at in prayer; meaning that the general aspects of prayer have been mentioned, this is unlike Imamate which cannot be seen anywhere in the Quran. Is it possible to point out a section of the Quran as reference for this issue?
Concise answer

Numerous verses in the Quran have addressed the issue of Imamate. Allameh Hilli (ra) and Allameh Majlisi have explicitly listed these verses in Alfain and Bihar al-Anwar. Examples of these ayahs are: Ayah of Tabligh, Ayah of Wilayah, Ayah of Ulul Amr and Ayah of Sadeqeen.

Detailed Answer

The Quran is the book of divine law, human cultivation, the book of wisdom and divine guidance whose agenda is to inform, educate and train in morals, beliefs and practice.

The Quran mainly addresses issues, especially ahkam, from a general perspective, leaving the specifics to the Prophet (sa) and his successors, the true interpreters (as); such as prayer, fasting, zakat, hajj etc…Imamate is also one of these issues which have been generally reflected.

Considering that we have thoroughly answered this question in previous articles that can be found in this very website, we will give a brief explanation and refer you to other articles.

The sha'n nuzul (the circumstances of revelation) of numerous verses in the Quran, such as Ayah of Tabligh (Maeda, 67), Ayah of Wilayah (Maeda, 55), Ayah of Ulul Amr (Nesa, 59), Ayah of Sadeqeen (Tobeh, 119) revolve around the issue of Imamate.

It is necessary to mention that Allameh Hilli (ra) has written a book titled Alfain[1], that consists of a thousand reasons in favor of the Imamate of Imam Ali (as) and a thousand answers to the objections made against his Imamate, among which a great number of these reasons are from the Quran and can be referred to if needed.

Also, the eighth section of the seventh volume of Bihar al- Anwar of Imamate has listed the ayahs revealed regarding Imamate under the title “Ayahs regarding revealed about the Imams (as)”.[2]

For more information please refer to following answers below that can be found on this website.

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[1] Hilli, Hasan bin Yusuf, Al-Alfain, Dar al-Hijrah, Qom, 1409 (AH).

[2] Allamah Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, (the section on imamate, Farsi translation of the seventh volume), Khosravi, Musa, publisher: Islamiyyah

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