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Last Updated: 2014/10/16
Summary of question
What position does Tarawih prayer take according to Shia school of thought, considering that it is prevalent among Ahlul Sunna?
Considering that Tarawih Prayers are offered in pairs of two or more raka‘āt, according to ahlul-Sunna, can you please let us know What position does Tarawih prayer take toward Shia school of thought?
Concise answer
Tarawih Prayer refers to Nafilah prayers performed at night in the holy Month of Ramadan, after salat of Isha.[1]
 Tarawih prayer is offered by Ahlul Sunna in congregation, ordered by their second caliphate.[2] The prayers are offered in two or more raka‘āt. The Holy Prophet of Islam never offered such prayer in congregation, according to some traditions that have been narrated from Ahlul Bayt (pbuth). Moreover, offering Nafila (mustahhab) prayers in congregation are considered as Bid‘ah, that we are forbidden to do, according to the traditions[3]. [4]

[1] . Sa`di Abu Habib, al-Qamus al-Fiqhi Loghatan wa Istilahan, Pg. 155.
[2] . In this regards please refer to: Ibn al-Sharaf al-Noori, Sharhul Arbaeen al-nawiyyah fi al-Ahadith al-Sahihat al-Nabaviyah, Pg. 25.
[3] . Refer to: Shikh Hurr Ameli, Wasael al-Shia, Vol. 8, Pg. 44, Chapter “Adam e Jawazel Jamaat fi Salatel Nawafil fi Shahr –e- Ramadan wa la fi gheirehee”.
[4] . Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, al-Insaf fi Masael e Dama fiha al-Khilaf, Pg. 381.
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