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Last Updated: 2012/08/08
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What was the law about drinking wine before Islam?
Was drinking wine permissible before it was prohibited by Islam? If it was, was it not a sin to drink wine? What was the law about drinking wine in other religions?
Concise answer

History bears witness that the process of various people’s religiosity in all the divine religions had been in a way such that after the death or martyrdom of every prophet or every messenger among people the predominant religion would fade out gradually until they put aside the religion and the recommendations of the prophet and turned back to the methods of their astray forefathers. But then another prophet would come and revive the religion once again. In this way, the method of the new prophets and messengers was that they started with propagating very simple and basic issues, so they would gradually and patiently acquaint people with various religious issues.[1]

One of the problems facing humanity over the history is the issue of drinking wine which has deviated man and brought him miseries. For this reason, one of the goals of the prophets was to forbid people from drinking wine. The sixth Imam, Imam Ja’far Sadiq, peace be upon him, says that whenever God sent a prophet to his people, He would, in order to complete the religion, make prohibition of drinking wine among one of the main injunctions of that religion.[2]

This process was also followed in the religion of Islam as in any other divine religions. Before wine was declared forbidden some Muslims used to drink wine in the very early period of Islam. They were addicted to it until the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) gradually announced to people the rule regarding drinking wine.[3] However, since some people were used to committing evil acts due, largely, to their ignorance, so the Holy Prophet (S) announced such laws gradually, and led people to the ultimate goal step by step and sympathetically.[4]

In any case, if anything had been harām in the previous religions and now it is halal in Islam or vice-versa, we must stick to the commands of Islam which is the most perfect and most complete of all the religions.[5]


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