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Last Updated: 2007/01/14
Summary of question
What should a single person, who marriage is difficult for, and has committed masturbation do?
What should a single person, who marriage is difficult for, and has committed masturbation do?
Can you please list some of the punishments of the hereafter for someone who commits this action?
Can you suggest a special Dua for such a person (who commits this sin)?
Is it possible for God to forgive this person after they have realized what they are doing is wrong, yet they don’t stop?
Concise answer

Masturbation is haram (forbidden); this prohibition extends to all people and no-one is allowed to offer any type of excuse for committing such a sin. Those who experience difficulty in executing a canonical marriage contract, ought to weaken their sexual appetite and inhibit all predisposing factors to masturbate by means of the following courses of action:

·                     Exercising

·                     Fasting

·                     Keeping their facial and pubic hair long

·                     Refraining from eating excessively nourishing foods

·                     Refraining from contemplating sexual matters or observing sexually-related materials

·                     Avoiding being alone at home or elsewhere


Such an individual must decide to disassociate oneself from this act, with firm resolution, and earnestly beseech Allah’s assistance in relation to abandoning such a satanic and harmful act.

            That which is evident is that this action is a major sin and the Holy Qur’an has regarded it as blameworthy; one who executes such an action deserves punishment in the Hereafter. Concerning the type of punishment awaiting such a person, suffice it to say that Allah knows, period.

No specific supplication seems to be coined in relation to the issue of masturbation; naturally, supplicating to Allah – in any language – imploring His assistance in delivering you from such a harmful sin is deemed proper and decent.

Allah has categorically declared that He forgives those who (a) regret their having sinned, (b) repent and (c) sincerely intend not to re-execute the sin. Surely, however, those who do not abide by the above conditions oughtn’t await Allah’s forgiveness. Nevertheless, its always possible for one who has truly regretted and repented to be deceived by Satan and to repeat his past sin; on such occasions, one is required to repent again and never be negligent in relation to Allah’s mercy and grace. One must acknowledge that even after breaking one’s repentance a hundred times, despair has no place before Allah.

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