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Last Updated: 2010/01/04
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Can you introduce some books on marriage in Islam?
Can you introduce some books on marriage in Islam?
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Dear sister, there are many books on this subject but unfortunately, only a few have been translated to English. There is one book that we recommend that has been translated as well with the title of نظام خانواده در اسلام” (The Islamic Family Structure) by Hosein Ansarian. This book can be found in his official website:

Also, regarding this subject, there are useful articles in Islamquest’s website that we will list below. In the case of these answers being translated to English, we will have them sent to your email as soon as possible.

1- Books on Marriage in Islam, Question 6329.

2- The Reasoning behind Marriage in Islam, Question 1300 (website: 1283).

3- The Time-Related conditions for Intercourse with Spouse, Question 2020 (website: 2066).

4- Wedding Ceremonies During the Prophet’s Time, Question 3808 (website: 4038).

5- The Conditions of Time and Place for Intercourse, Question 5556 (website: 5813).

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