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  • What does Islam say about life on other planets?
    21871 2007/02/22 Exegesis
                Man has always pondered the thought of whether or not there are other living organisms or intelligent life forms in other galaxies or on other planets; however a definite answer has yet to
  • How many scholars or legal authorities are or have been hafizes of the Quran?
    7701 2007/01/04 Quranic Studies
                Quranic memorization is one of the most admirable and praiseworthy practices which had become prevalent amongst the Muslims since the time of the noble prophet ; it has always been conside
  • Did Satan have children, and if so, are they cursed as well?
    24152 2007/01/01 Exegesis
                Satan has a number of children which help him and almost all of his children have chosen the same path as he has and thus have been cursed and rejected as well, except for a few of them; l
  • Was Hazrat Adam (P.B.U.H.) Black?
    31945 2006/11/25 Exegesis
                There are several interpretations in the Quran on the creation of man, which show that the creation of man had several stages, which were as follows: [ 1 ]  Creation from dirt:O people ! I
  • What is a muslims duty when dealing with atheist?
    10637 2006/10/09 Quran
    Dear Brother/Sister,Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.The answer to your question is as follows: As a believer you should try to show others the beauty of religion and its dimensions in order to motivate

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