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  • Who is Dhul-Qarnayn?
    11026 تاريخ بزرگان 2009/07/19
    The name “Dhul-Qarnayn” has been mentioned in surah Kahf.As for who exactly Dhul-Qarnayn was in history, there are differences of opinion amongst historians and commentators of the Quran.Yet, taking into consideration the attributes of Dhul-Qarnayn that the Quran has mentioned, one can ...
  • What is the correct and easy way of choosing the most learned marja’ for those Muslims who have recently converted to Islam and don’t have access to other scholars?
    6593 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/08/21
    What is meant when it is said that the most knowledgeable marja must be followed, is that those who aren’t experts in fiqh, need to refer to the most learned and knowledgeable fiqh expert and learn their religious duties from him. There are three ways of identifying the ...
  • What is the difference between Satan and the carnal soul?
    4466 Practical 2013/11/11
    Man's real identity which is called soul has numerous aspects and layers. Quran mentions its three states (carnal, self-reproaching and peaceful). The carnal soul is formed when animalistic desires dominate man. It is a state of human soul that constantly commands human toward vices and to satisfy ...
  • Which people will enter paradise?
    6638 Traditional 2009/06/22
    After analyzing Quranic verses, one can conclude that paradise is a definite vow of Allah (swt) and the reward of the pious believers who completely obey the prophet (pbuh). One who possesses these traits will truly reach salvation.One of the prophet’s commands that must be obeyed, is that ...
  • How many scholars or legal authorities are or have been hafizes of the Quran?
    3892 Quranic Studies 2007/01/04
                Quranic memorization is one of the most admirable and praiseworthy practices which had become prevalent amongst the Muslims since the time of the noble prophet ; it has always been considered important by scholars, religious authorities, and religious students ...
  • What is the ruling on looking at porn that involves non-Muslims?
    9698 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/04/29
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • What is the station of intercession on the Day of Resurrection?
    3785 Traditional 2011/11/03
    " Shafa'ah" (intercession) is derived from "shaf'" which means "even" as opposed to odd - the interceder adds his own recommendation to the plea of the petitioner; in this way the number of pleaders becomes even, and the weak plea of the petitioner is strengthened by the prestige ...
  • What do the terms “Hukm” and “Fatwa” signify? What is the difference between the two?
    4709 بیشتر بدانیم 2011/08/10
    A fatwa is a universally applicable religious law concerning a particular issue that is derived from the four sources of Islamic law (the Qur`an, the sunnah, ijma’ (consensus), and ‘aql (the intellect)) using the methodology of ijtihad (juristic interpretation).A hukm ...
  • How should one resist the temptation to commit sins?
    5152 Practical 2011/08/10
    The temptation to commit a sin is a disease like the sin itself. Like all other diseases, protection against this sin involves two stages e.g. prevention and cure. When it comes to the prevention stage, it should be noted that a person can eradicate all those things that may ...
  • Can Buddhism be considered a divine faith?
    4281 Traditional 2010/01/09
    Some believe Buddha to be a divine prophet who had acquired the fundamentals of his religion through revelation. This theory seems to be acceptable for two reasons (although the faith underwent major alteration later):1- Considering ancient Buddhist teachings: The work history ...