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Random questions

  • What is the philosophy behind prostrating on earth?
    8092 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/12/31
    The essence of prostration is humility and it is one of the obligations we must perform, as the Quran says: “O you who have faith! Bow down and prostrate yourselves…”.There is an important point here that must be kept in mind, and that is that the Shia ...
  • How was the creation of man according to the Quran?
    14387 Traditional 2009/06/22
    The Quran has explained the creation of man and his origin using different words and phrases. Some verses say that the initial material man comes from is clay. Other verses say it is water, while a third group say it is sperm. Meanwhile a fourth group says it ...
  • Please list the reasons behind the permissibility/impermissibility of music.
    4585 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/12/28
    In fiqhi terms, ‘ghina’ and ‘music’ are two different concepts. Ghina refers to the singing voice that comes from the larynx and is turned up and down in the throat in a way that it makes the listener joyful and somewhat ecstasizes him and is ...
  • Does an angel that has taken on the form of a human have lust and desire?
    3449 Traditional 2009/11/25
    What is meant by an angel taking on the form of a human is that an angel is visually perceived by humans as having taken on the physical shape of a person. This does not mean that the essence of the angel has changed or ...
  • When put in the grave what can we do to better our surroundings?
    3643 Traditional 2010/08/14
    The feelings a person might experience when lying in his grave is completely contingent upon the environment he has arranged and prepared with his deeds and acts in this world, thus this feeling may differ from person to person.
  • What is absolute existence? What is indeterminate existence?
    5407 Islamic Philosophy 2011/12/20
    Absolute existence has different meanings and usages; sometimes it means ‘unconditional’; that there is no condition limiting it, not even the condition of absoluteness (one of its conditions isn't absoluteness). Sometimes, this isn't the case, and although it is absolute, it is still limited to the condition of ...
  • What are the conditions of divorce?
    3710 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/01/11
    If you were interested in living with your husband, you should have made every effort to save the marriage. In fact, you could have done something to draw your in-laws' attention and make your husband love you. If you think you made every necessary effort, you should never think that ...
  • When did Shiite jurisprudence and marja\'eyyah begin?
    1237 اجتهاد و مرجعیت در اسلام 2017/01/24
    The necessity of taqlid is the result of a rational conclusion based on the need for divine guidance, through the Qur'an and the traditions. Thus, taqlid has its jurisprudential evidence in addition to reason which also admits that a person who is ignorant of religious rules should ...
  • What is the opinion of maraja' related to several traditions in Shia literature mentioning the permissibility of sexual contact during fasting and saying that it does not affect the fast?
    4116 جنابت 2013/07/29
    As for your question, we must say that as it has been mentioned in your message, Shaykh Hurr Amili has opened a chapter in his “Wasail al-Shi’ah” entitled “Rules Regarding Anal Intercourse without Ejaculation”. In this chapter, he has quoted three traditions from Shaykh Tusi’s Al-Tahzib. The ...
  • Do the Shia consider Abu Bakr and Umar as Kafirs?
    8571 The infallibles 2010/09/23
    First of all, although the Shia has some criticism towards the khalifahs, they don’t see them as kafirs; the same way they don’t consider any of the other Sahabah as kafirs. In dealing with the khalifahs, the Shia follow the footsteps of the imams, especially Imam Ali (as), ...