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  • What is the mission of the Ahlul-Bait?
    3720 Traditional 2007/05/23
                The greatness of the Prophet’s (s) Ahlul-Bait, the five people of the cloak – namely Prophet Muhammad (s), Hazrat ‘Alī, Fātimah, Hassan, and Hussayn (a), have been mentioned in many traditions related by Shia and Sunni narrators alike. The reason that the Prophet (s) emphasized these people’s ...
  • How do Quranic commentators interpret and explain the word "و اضربوهن" (and hit them)?
    6105 Exegesis 2009/11/25
    In Islamic teachings women are considered to have a very high status and have been praised in hadiths by the Holy Prophet and his household.  In some hadiths women have been considered a source of blessing and abundance and better than the best and most precious ...
  • What is the story of Salih’s she-camel in the Quran and the controversy that exists surrounding its death?
    9851 پیامبران و کتابهای آسمانی 2012/09/13
    One of the methods used by the Quran through its verses is the use of ijmal and tafsil (brevity and detail). There are three verses among the verses concerning the event of the death of Salih’s she-camel. The verses attribute the killing to the entire Samood tribe. ...
  • How can perfection be attained?
    3069 Practical 2011/08/15
    This topic needs to be discussed in three parts.1. Definition of Kamal (Perfection) and How It Differs from Tamam (Completion) and ProgressCompletion applies when speaking about the parts of a thing, as in the case where a thing is composed ...
  • In view of the fact that the earth must never be devoid of a divine authority, who was the divine authority in the time gap between the ascension of Prophet Jesus (AS) and prophetic mission of the Prophet of Islam?
    1193 ضرورت بعثت پیامبران 2017/01/24
    The period of cessation is the period of time between the end of one prophet”s time and the beginning of the next; it is a time of freedom from divine authority. The existence of such a period is not dichotomous with the narrations which state that the ...
  • Do the Shia consider Abu Bakr and Umar as Kafirs?
    8221 The infallibles 2010/09/23
    First of all, although the Shia has some criticism towards the khalifahs, they don’t see them as kafirs; the same way they don’t consider any of the other Sahabah as kafirs. In dealing with the khalifahs, the Shia follow the footsteps of the imams, especially Imam Ali (as), ...
  • What should a single person, who marriage is difficult for, and has committed masturbation do?
    4309 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/01/14
    Masturbation is haram (forbidden); this prohibition extends to all people and no-one is allowed to offer any type of excuse for committing such a sin. Those who experience difficulty in executing a canonical marriage contract, ought to weaken their sexual appetite and inhibit all predisposing factors to masturbate by means ...
  • Is it permissible to steal from non-Muslims?
    19530 Laws and Jurisprudence 2006/12/02
    The following responses were gathered from offices of Legal Authorities: Usurpation and forcible acquisition of the property of non-Muslims in non-Muslim countries is not permissible, if they are not ...
  • What is Islam’s ruling on listening to music?
    6425 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/11/21
    Music is essentially sound, and watching it (without listening) has no ruling; the only ruling there is, has to do with producing and the sale of instruments, teaching and learning, playing, and listening to it. Most scholars consider listening to and producing lahwi music to be haram and ...
  • Is Imam Ali capable of reviving the dead?
    5031 Exegesis 2011/04/20
    Asserting that someone can independently do so without God’s assistance is in absolute contradiction with tawhid af’ali (oneness in action), for death and life is solely in God’s hand.However, if one were to carry out this act with God’s consent, it would then be considered probable and possible.