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  • What are the right ways of fulfilling lust in Islam and according to Imam Khomeini?
    9232 Practical 2010/07/20
    As one who is in pursuit of the truth regarding Islam’s laws and the viewpoints of the late leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, it is of dire importance that you rely only on authentic sources and official websites for information and answers.As the final and ...
  • What is the Islamic law regarding anal intercourse? Is there any objection in it?
    7612 موارد غیر متعارف 2012/08/07
    Since different jurists have different verdicts in this regard, you should act according to the fatwa (verdict) of the Mujtahid (jurist) whom you follow. For your information, we will now mention the verdicts of some of the religious authorities (jurists) as follows. 1) Some of ...
  • In which year was the revelation of the Quran completed?
    8931 Quranic Studies 2011/04/20
    There are different reports about the last chapter and the last verse sent down upon the Prophet (pbuh). According to some reports, the last chapter which was revealed to the Prophet (pubh) was Chapter al-Nasr whereas some other reports consider Chapter al-Bara'ah (al-Tawbah) to be the last chapter. There ...
  • What is the meaning of the government of Islamic Republic?
    2864 Philosophy 2006/07/15
    The word "government" means order and command.In the present terminology, it consists of the aggregate of the organized members and the ruling group that control the affairs of society.It consists of three powers, viz, legislative, executive and judiciary.As regard the word "jomhoori" (republic), it was first adopted ...
  • Was anyone appointed as prophet by Allah from European and Indian peoples (not Semites)?
    3342 ضرورت بعثت پیامبران 2015/04/18
    Man is a duty-bound creature and duty would necessitate prophets to be appointed and sent to deliver obligations, messages and injunctions to him, otherwise duty would be unwise or meaningless. The Holy Quran says in many a number of verses that wherever there was a nation or ...
  • Why has God not protected Masjidul Haram and Ka'bah against floods and other disasters?
    4334 Traditional 2011/06/11
    Ka'bah and Masjidul Haram (Grand Mosque) are the most sacred, most revered and most valuable places on earth. The building of Ka'bah is made of earthly materials. All the laws governing the material world govern the House of God as well. Thus, it is vulnerable against floods, earthquakes, fires ...
  • Why do Shias curse the Sahabah and khalifahs?
    6776 Traditional 2008/05/11
    One of the accusations that Shias have always faced from those who oppose them is that they have a hidden enmity towards the Prophet’s companions (Sahaba). However, this accusation is false because the Shia consider the Sahaba as the primary bearers, conveyers, and promoters of Islam. The holy Quran says: ...
  • Did religion come to imprison us or to set us free?
    3898 Modern 2011/08/15
    Freedom, from the point of view of religion, can be studied under two headings: spiritual freedom and socio-political freedom. From the spiritual perspective, man’s essence or immaterial self is free from corporeality, materiality, and material characteristics. It is nostalgic of its place of origin, the realm of ...
  • If keeping the beard harms the conjugal relationship of a husband and wife, given such circumstances, what will be the ruling on keeping the beard?
    2842 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/15
    1- As you know, in Islam, the family and family related matters, especially conjugal life, bear special importance, and one can confidently claim that such importance hasn’t been given by other religions and schools of thought more than Islam.2- Rulings of the divine religion of Islam are ...
  • What is the ruling on Stellate Sturgeon?
    4819 انواع ماهیان 2012/04/14
    Those who are followers of Imam Khumayni (rah), can consume those fish they aren't sure have scales or not. As to those who follow scholars who believe it to be haram, they can still buy and sell the fish for purposes other than eating. Therefore, each person ...