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Random questions

  • What are the rewards and benefits of wearing rings with valuable stones on them?
    33399 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Wearing a ring of aghigh, firoozah, yaqut and…is permissible for men and according to hadiths, wearing them has thawab and rewards, and wearing them in prayer causes one’s prayers to be of higher virtue and of more rewards, given that the ring isn’t made of gold (for men ...
  • Please explain the intellectual and logical reasons that prove tawhid.
    7440 Traditional
    Tawhid, which is amongst the most prominent principles of all Abrahamic faiths, means to believe there is only one god, and is the opposite of polytheism (shirk). Tawhid also includes denying any parallel, resembling being or any sort of imaginative or physical composition for God.Many arguments have ...
  • What are the financial resources of religious seminaries and where they get their funds from?
    3123 System
    Shia clerics and seminaries are proud of being financially independent. The seminaries ‘budget comes from religious dues (Khums, endowments, charities, grants, etc.) paid by the faithful. Some clerics are in a good financial position, so they do not need to receive monthly allowances or what is known ...
  • What are the legal obligations of a wife towards her husband?
    12738 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The sustainability, continuity and stability of a marital life depend on love, understanding and respect for mutual rights.  In order for the family, which is small social unit, to be solidified and strengthened, the religion of Islam has made an arrangement in a way such that it has ...
  • Is it possible to mention names of all the prophets (as)?
    607 تاريخ بزرگان
  • What does Shia doctrine say about the awaited Mahdi?
    6310 Traditional
    Since the above question is too vague and general, we decided to have a brief introduction of Imam’s (AJ) lifestyle, assertions from the unseen (akhbar ghaibi) and signs of his reappearance.His name is the same as the prophet of Islam’s, and ...
  • How can a person be forgiven for his sins?
    5115 Practical
    There are many ways mentioned below that one can be forgiven and purified from his sins and misdeeds:1- Repenting according to its conditions and returning to Allah. 2- Doing extraordinary good deeds that cause the ...
  • Who became prophets in their childhood?
    3954 پیامبران و کتابهای آسمانی
    Following a research in the verses of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Infallibles (A.S) about the prophetic mission of the prophets, we came t the conclusion that only two prophets were appointed as prophets in their childhood and God granted them knowledge, wisdom and books.
  • Why hasn’t Imam Ali (a.s.) been mentioned in the Holy Quran?
    63570 Exegesis
    One should be aware that although the imam’s names, )especially Imam Ali’s(, haven’t been mentioned in the Quran, nevertheless, their names, )especially Imam Ali’s(, can be found in the Prophet’s sayings. One very good example is the hadith of Ghadir which is considered the official announcement of the appointment of ...
  • Is questioning pervasive and all-encompassing? What does questioning of prophets mean?
    2231 دلائل عقلی و نقلی معاد
    An important issue discussed in religious texts in connection with the Day of Resurrection is the subject of questioning on this very day. What is actually inferred from Quranic verses and prophetic traditions is that the questioning is pervasive and it is there for everyone; it is ...