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Random questions

  • What is bid’ah and what are its related rulings?
    3573 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/01/06
    Bid’ah literally refers to anything new and unprecedented and in Islamic terms, means to relate something to religion that really doesn’t belong to it. Bid’ah is one of the kaba’ir or great sins. Nevertheless, it isn't permissible to destroy their property without the Islamic government’s ...
  • Why does Allah hate divorce so much?
    8238 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/02/15
    Considering the antithesis between divorce and marriage, in order to learn of the reason why Allah hates divorce so much, we must first see why marriage bears so much significance in His eyes.[1]In the Quran, the creation of people in pairs has ...
  • What is the meaning of ‘Book’ and what are the differences about the ‘Book’ in sura Baqarah, verse 176?
    3755 Exegesis 2010/09/06
    In the meaning of ‘Book’ in this noble verse, ذٰلِکَ بِأَنَّ ٱللَّهَ نَزَّلَ ٱلْکِتٰبَ بِٱلْحَقِّ وَإِنَّ ٱلَّذِینَ ٱخْتَلَفُوا فِى ٱلْکِتٰبِ لَفِى شِقَاقٍ بَعِیدٍ “That is so because Allah has sent down the Book with the truth, and those ...
  • What is the scope of the mind in Islam and when and where can one use it regarding religious matters?
    5632 Modern 2010/01/06
    The mind is the most valuable faculty that Allah (swt) has endowed man with and it bears different degrees and classifications.1- Theoretical intellect: Whose job is to know about realities and judge about them.2- Practical intellect: Controlling man’s actions is the responsibility of this subdivision of ...
  • What is the Shia’s opinion on the tribe of Bani Quraidhah?
    3910 تاريخ کلام 2009/07/19
    The Bani Quraydhah was a Jewish tribe in residing in Medinah and one of the signatories of a multilateral treaty, living alongside the Muslims. This tribe abided by the terms of the treaty, violating it during the battle of Ahzab by practically becoming one of the forces of ...
  • What are the challenges facing Islam – Christianity dialogue?
    4693 Modern 2012/07/21
    For an answer to the above question, we deemed it appropriate to draw your attention to a lecture delivered by Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani in this regard. There is a clear tendency towards religiosity in the present century whereas in the previous century a great deal ...
  • Was Imam Ali (as) only the friend, companion and relative of the prophet, or was he more than that?
    5607 Traditional 2011/04/21
    In addition to being related to and a friend and companion of the prophet (pbuh) and his supporter in all phases of his life and in different scenes of defending the religion and spreading the word of the prophet, and also, in addition to ...
  • If I have a sexual relationship with someone else, what is its ruling?
    3088 Theoretical 2010/09/09
    Salam AleikumYou need to pay attention to the following points:a) If one wife fulfills your sexual needs, it is better to remain faithful to that one person, as you put it. However, in the case of necessity, what you said will not create a problem in re-marrying.b) Having ...
  • Can you introduce some books on marriage in Islam?
    4106 Theoretical 2010/01/21
    Dear sister, there are many books on this subject but unfortunately, only a few have been translated to English. There is one book that we recommend that has been translated as well with the title of “نظام خانواده در اسلام” (The Islamic Family Structure) by Hosein Ansarian. This ...
  • What is the Islamic point of view about exaggeration and overstatement?
    3015 دروغ 2013/12/05
    Lying is considered to be one of the greater sins as it is among the indecent acts.[1] In the sayings of the Ahlul-Bayt (AS), lying has been termed as the key to sins and evils. [2] Nevertheless, there are exceptions where ...