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Random questions

  • Is the Ziyarah of Nahiyah Muqaddasah valid according to the Shia and what are the reasons for its authenticity?
    5903 Practical
    The ziyarah of Nahiyah Muqaddasah is an "absolute" or "unconditional" ziyarah, meaning that it can be recited any time; on Ashura or any other day.This ziyarah begins with greeting the prophet of Islam (pbuh), the other prophets and the imams (as), and is followed by greeting Imam Husein ...
  • Please provide me with a dua that will help me to find a pious and suitable wife.
    10359 Practical
    Allah has established methods for everything; if one wants to get a positive result he must act in accordance to the method. The way to find a suitable spouse is through precise research and knowing the person. Of course, one must also seek Allah’s ...
  • Is it true that one shouldn’t pray for oneself on Ashura?
    3231 Practical
    Dua and supplication are the needful connection between the servant and his Lord for the fulfillment of worldly and otherworldly needs. Dua for oneself and others is always something good and entails great blessings.Praying for oneself on Ashura is okay, as ...
  • Has Islam reffered to any special form of government?
    4499 Fiqh
    It should be said that Islam hasn,t reffered to any special form of government has expressed certain rules and regulation in this connection, form which the method of Islamic government can be inferred. Who infers these rules? The abovementioned rules are: finality of the fatva (verdict) of the specialist in ...
  • Do different situations have any effect on the nafsul-amr religion?
    3849 Philosophy of Religion
    The nafsul-amr religion has only one way of life for all individuals in every place and time and contains no changing elements. ...
  • What acts eliminate major sins?
    4086 Practical
    The sins that people commit are not all alike in terms of their greatness and the forgiveness of different sins depends on the kind of sin that has been committed. Some sins can be forgiven by only saying astaghfurullah once while others may require more effort. We must ...
  • What is a muslims duty when dealing with atheist?
    7572 Practical
    Dear Brother/Sister,Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.The answer to your question is as follows: As a believer ...
  • Why did God order the construction of the Ka'bah?
    3886 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    Based on Quranic verses, traditions and historical documents, Ka'bah and Mecca are symbols of divine blessings, human guidance and a place of congregation for servitude to God who bestowed profuse blessing and good upon this place which used to be dry and infertile before it. By showing the reality ...
  • What is the meaning of ownership and kingdom of Allah, the Lord of the Universe? Why is said that God is the king?
    6129 پروردگار. نامها و ویژگی ها
    One of the attributes of Allah is "Mālik" which literally means "being powerful" and "having something in one's exclusive possession". This word has sometimes been translated into "king" in other languages including Farsi and English. If this term "king" is applied or ascribed to Allah, it definitely ...
  • What happened to Imam Hussein's horse in Karbala?
    6909 تاريخ بزرگان
    The writers of books on what happened on Ashura (these books are referred to as ‘maqatil’) have not mentioned much about what happened to Dhuljanah. What is mentioned is that he made his mane bloody with the blood of the Imam and returned to the tents neighing very ...