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  • How is it possible for some of the Imams to reach Imamate while still children?
    3826 The infallibles 2011/08/15
    According to the undisputed belief of Imami Shi’ism taken from numerous verses and Prophetic traditions, the Imamate is a Divine position. So if it is established that someone has been divinely appointed to this position a Muslim must submit to his command and authority without question obeying ...
  • Knowing that the Quran is a clear book, what are the conditions/prerequisites of comprehending it?
    6267 Exegesis 2010/04/08
    The Quran is the Prophet's miracle for all times and can not be compared to common books. Although the Quran is clear, explains matters and has conveyed the meanings through simple words as delicately and beautifully as possible, but it contains some issues and describes certain realities that ...
  • Were Imām Sajjād and Imām Bāqir present in Karbalā?
    3512 تاريخ بزرگان 2012/04/16
    In the event of 'Āshūrā which took place during the month of Muḥarram in 61 AH, three noble Imāms were present. Imām Ḥusayn (as) who headed this revolution and was martyred in Karbalā. Imām Sajjād (as), [who] for reasons could not participate in the battle, and ...
  • Has Islam reffered to any special form of government?
    3847 Fiqh 2006/08/21
    It should be said that Islam hasn,t reffered to any special form of government has expressed certain rules and regulation in this connection, form which the method of Islamic government can be inferred. Who infers these rules? The abovementioned rules are: finality of the fatva (verdict) of the specialist in ...
  • 4232 فنا 2012/11/01
    Annihilation is defined as "total destruction" or "complete obliteration" of an object. It is the opposite of permanence, subsistence and continuance. To explain further, God is from the category of permanence and continuance and other existents are from the category of non-existence and annihilation. Technically, ...
  • What are the definition, place and necessity of Taqlid?
    3786 Modern 2011/04/06
    ‘Aql or reason which is endorsed by the Shari’ah and associated with jurisprudence is different from the manipulative intellect which we use in our lives. Although the intellect is also endorsed by divine legislator, it is to be noted that the power of intellect is limited ...
  • What is the ruling on forming lines in congregational, when a third person joins in?
    3570 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/02/10
    In reference to the incident which you experienced, we must first look at the principals of forming lines in congregational prayer from a fiqhi point of view:The person following in ...
  • What is the reality of sin and how does it affect the soul and psyche of the human being?
    4166 Practical 2011/08/15
    The above question must be answered in four parts.The Reality of SinSin, which in ‘Arabic is referred to as ithm and ‘isyan, means to disobey the order of the Master and to slip ...
  • Is the Ziyarah of Nahiyah Muqaddasah valid according to the Shia and what are the reasons for its authenticity?
    4940 Practical 2009/03/12
    The ziyarah of Nahiyah Muqaddasah is an "absolute" or "unconditional" ziyarah, meaning that it can be recited any time; on Ashura or any other day.This ziyarah begins with greeting the prophet of Islam (pbuh), the other prophets and the imams (as), and is followed by greeting Imam Husein ...
  • What is the difference between the word Allah, which is used in Islam, and God, which is used in Christianity?
    3288 Miscellaneous questions 2012/03/07
    Although all religions in essence call upon the same Lord, one should closely consider which of these faiths have accurately described Him. Islam and Christianity hold differences of opinion in ‘Ilm al-Kalaam (the discipline of seekingtheologicalprinciples throughdialectic). In turn, these ...