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  • What is the Khul’ divorce and what are its conditions?
    7202 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/11/25
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • In every case or instance of knowledge, the knower must be different from the known object. In order for myself to know the self, how can "I" know the self?
    1989 عرفان و شناخت نفس 2015/04/14
    First of all, it should be mentioned that knowledge or recognition has several degrees and stages, so does self-recognition. At every stage of recognition, it is not necessary that the knower be different from the known. For instance, man's non-detailed [ijmali] knowledge of his own self is ...
  • If Allah (awj) is omniscient, why does He need to test mankind?
    5129 Traditional 2011/08/15
    As implied by the question, because Allah (awj) is omniscient, the purpose of His tests is not to unveil something hitherto unknown. Rather, the Qur`an and ahadith suggest that these tests serve two purposes. First, they comprise a Divine precedent (sunnah ilahiyyah
  • What is the starting point for purifying the soul?
    4492 Practical 2009/09/23
    Purification means to clean your soul of impurity. The Quran has mentioned purifying the soul in various verses but one should know that the basis and starting point of purification varies from person to person.  For a person that is not Muslim, the first essential step will be ...
  • Why would people dig up someone if they are already dead? Isn\'t that haram?
    5151 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/03/14
    The following is the response of the maraji' to your inquiry: It is haram to exhume the body of a dead believer. But in some cases, it will be permissible, namely: 1. When the dead body has been ...
  • What is the philosophy behind ziarah of Imams?
    5013 زیارت قبور و بنای مراقد 2012/12/01
    The inward tendency and attraction toward someone or something, along with respect and honor, is called ziarah. Since the reality of a human is his soul which is never annihilated, a za'er [pilgrim] who makes ziarah of a demised dignitary has in fact made ziarah of a ...
  • Who has more power and influence, God or Satan?
    182 ابلیس و شیطان 2019/06/12
    Undoubtedly, the power of God, who is the Creator of of all things, is more than Satan in all matters. However, when Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) obeyed Satan's advice and refused to obey God's command, it was not because of the influence of Satan's word; ...
  • Can you provide a short biography of Imam Hussein (AS)?
    544 امام حسین ع 2018/10/16
    Historians unanimously believe that Shia”s third Imam was born in the holy city of Medina but there are little differences as to the date of his birth. Sheikh Tusi (460 A.H.) says that the Imam (AS) was born on third of Sha”ban in the fourth hegira year
  • How can I repent from watching pornographic movies?
    9061 Practical 2009/09/23
    Sin is like a foul-smelling swamp full of sewage; the more one sinks into it, the less he senses its smell, because he actually loses his sense of smell and can't tell that he is drowning anymore.At the same time, anytime one ...
  • Can a man marry to a woman whom he has already committed adultery with?
    2811 زنان شوهردار 2014/09/18
    There would be no problem for a man to get married to a woman whom he has already committed adultery with if she had no husband or got divorced but passed her Iddah (waiting period) completely on that time. Imam Khomeini (r.a) said in this regard: "If ...