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  • What are the different kinds of murder? Please, explain in detail.
    15163 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/22
    Murder can be studied and classified into different categories from different perspectives which we shall mention as under:1. Justified and unjustified murder;2. Time of murder;3. Murder through implementation of capital punishment such execution, hanging, stoning and various other kinds of carrying out death ...
  • What are the rules of reaching the age of menopause for a woman 49 years of age?
    1535 یائسگی 2017/01/21
    All jurisprudence agrees that the blood which a woman sees after the age of 60 years is not classified as Hayd, though it might bear the signs of menstrual blood. As for the blood which women see after completion of 50 lunar years until 60, the rules ...
  • What is your opinion regarding Darwin\'s evolution theory?
    3192 آفرینش انسان و جهان 2015/09/14
    There are two theories among biologists regarding the creation of living beings including plants and animals. A) Transformism: The doctrine that living organisms have evolved from previously existing forms of unicellular beings that existed in oceans or in the mud deep underwater. This change is also called ...
  • Did Satan have children, and if so, are they cursed as well?
    8920 Exegesis 2007/01/01
                Satan has a number of children which help him and almost all of his children have chosen the same path as he has and thus have been cursed and rejected as well, except for a few of them; ...
  • What is the Shari'ah law concerning marriage with a Sunni girl?
    3376 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/12/23
    According to Islam, marriage is the basic institution which aims at establishing the family, the primary unit of society. It is desirable and recommended by itself but if a person is in need of marriage and is afraid that he may fall into haram, then marriage becomes ...
  • What conditions make it obligatory for one to financially support one’s wife?
    2956 شرائط وجوب نفقه 2012/04/14
    Financially supporting the wife becomes obligatory upon the husband when all the following conditions are met: The marriage contract is a permanent one The female meets the requirements for entering into wedlock (financially supporting a female child who does not meet the requirements for ...
  • If a body does not decompose in the grave, does it mean that the man in the grave is protected against the Fire of Hell?
    6499 برزخ 2013/12/01
    It is possible to keep a body intact by using certain chemical ingredients. Mummification is also a chemical procedure through which people in ancient Egypt preserved the bodies of pharaohs whereas in fact most of the pharaohs were the worst and most oppressive people of their time. ...
  • What does Islam say about life on other planets?
    12381 Exegesis 2007/02/22
                Man has always pondered the thought of whether or not there are other living organisms or intelligent life forms in other galaxies or on other planets; however a definite answer has yet to be found.
  • How old was Imam Ali (AS) on the day of Ghadir?
    2942 غدیر خم 2013/12/09
    The event of Ghadir took place on the tenth of the hegira year but there are different views about Imam Ali's date of birth. However, if we are to determine the Imam's date of birth, it depends on which report is considered to be stronger and more ...