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  • What is the ruling on having a relation with a non-mahram girl?
    4489 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Any form of relationship before marriage, let it be speaking intimately, touching and caressing etc. is haram. If one speaks with a girl with the intention of seeking pleasure or if he fears that he might fall into a sin with her, it is not permissible for him ...
  • Why is the resident Aalim of a mosque not returning your salaam?
    3832 Practical
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • Is the story of the wedding of Hadrat Qasim in Karbala true or false?
    15781 تاريخ بزرگان
    One of the concocted stories regarding the epic of Ashura is the story of the marriage of Qasim bin Al-Hasan (as), a story which has no basis and which has not been related by any authentic and reliable sources. In addition, such a thing is not rationally ...
  • Why do they call Prophet Isa “The Spirit of God”?
    21990 Traditional
    Although certain characteristics are shared by different individuals or things and can be found in numerous places, but sometimes for certain reasons, a certain thing or person is identified with that characteristic, despite it not belonging exclusively to it. For ...
  • Can a major sin be forgiven?
    6858 Practical
    A major sin is one that being punished in hell is promised to its committer in the Quran or ahadith. (There are also other criteria for a sin being a major one). Also minor sins turn into major sins when committed repeatedly (when insisted on ...
  • Does being good tempered with your spouse and children cause them to take advantage of such a thing?
    4063 Practical
    First: Islam teaches us to be good tempered with all people, including one's spouse, children, students, etc., because the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet's household have commanded us to be good-tempered with others.Second: According to the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt, while being good-tempered with others we ...
  • What is the Mi'raj? Have other prophets other than Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ever had such an experience?
    7250 Traditional
    In Arabic, mi’raj means anything that helps one ascend and go up. In hadith and tafsir terms though, this term refers to the materialistic journey of the prophet (pbuh) from Mecca to Jerusalem, and from there, to the skies and back home again. What can be deduced from ...
  • Please mention the five qualities of the Imam according to Quranic ayahs?
    10701 Exegesis
    Subsequent to mentioning the story of rescuing Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Lut and granting Ibrahim (as) righteous children,[1] the Quran reflects on the imamah and leadership of this great Prophet and a number of values, plans and qualities pertaining to this divine position: “A
  • What legal reference do we have for Eid Nowruz?
    17808 Contextual study
    This eid is an ancient Persian holiday that was marked and celebrated before the emergence of Islam.There is a hadith from Imam Sadeq (as) in hadith sources regarding Nowruz which the popular vote has verified it to be reliable and therefore they have given the fatwa to the ...
  • Does man have the capacity to love Allah?
    4451 Practical
    The logic behind experiencing ‘metaphoric’ love is to reach true love and if it is accompanied with chastity, after causing fundamental changes and developments it will bring man very close to Godly love. The very core and truth of religion is to reach the status of loving Allah; ...