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خالد بن سنان

Random questions

  • What is the reason for the imams being higher than all prophets other than the prophet of Islam (pbuh)?
    7392 Traditional 2009/08/29
    It has been stated in our religious teachings that all prophets and messengers have no advantage and virtue over the imams, other than the fact that they bear prophethood, while the imams are the bearers of whatever knowledge all of the prophets before them ...
  • What is the Maqam Ibrahim? What is its purpose?
    30958 Traditional 2010/02/14
    One of the clear signs in Makkah (as a verse in the Quran tells us) is the Maqam Ibrahim where Prophet Ibrahim stood.Regarding the meaning and interpretation of “Maqam Ibrahim”, some believe that it is equal to all of Hajj. Others ...
  • rytrjyrtt,rey
    4555 System 2011/11/21
    People are one of the fundamental factors in the Islamic government and play the following roles:1- Choosing the Islamic government2- Selecting the government’s high ranking officials, either directly or indirectly3- Giving advice and consultation ...
  • Is the Ziyarah of Nahiyah Muqaddasah valid according to the Shia and what are the reasons for its authenticity?
    5275 Practical 2009/03/12
    The ziyarah of Nahiyah Muqaddasah is an "absolute" or "unconditional" ziyarah, meaning that it can be recited any time; on Ashura or any other day.This ziyarah begins with greeting the prophet of Islam (pbuh), the other prophets and the imams (as), and is followed by greeting Imam Husein ...
  • How to cure our psychological obsession?
    2882 وسواس 2015/09/14
    Apart from the infallibles, other people might, at times, experience ebbs and flows, ups and downs in their beliefs and conviction. Thus they might doubt the existence of God or the genuineness of a divine injunction or start having disorders in their practices but they get back ...
  • How old will you be in heaven/hell?
    4906 Exegesis 2012/02/18
    The change in appearance and outer features as one ages are related to this world, but this isn't the case for the hereafter, especially heaven; people don’t have different appearances and faces there. For example, it is not so that some will be children, some will be middle ...
  • What is reconciliatory Taqiyah and where is it practiced?
    2009 Laws and Jurisprudence 2015/04/14
    Reconciliation is the act of making friendly relations; it is the action of making one view or belief compatible with another in order to appease someone and make him surrender to something. This is what also the Arabic word 'mudara' means.[1] There is a ...
  • What is your opinion about meditation of the Yoga-Zen variety?
    6337 Practical 2010/11/21
    Supporters of this method say that the exercise of meditation takes one to a phenomenal place of ideas and thoughts, which have many various purposes and benefits. These benefits include a more wholesome life, a peaceful state of mind, and ...
  • Are there any verses of the Quran or any supplications, which if read, would increase one’s ability to learn and succeed in their studies?
    5741 Practical 2010/02/20
    The word ‘study’ is defined as: contemplating a subject in detail in order to discover its essential meaning or attributes. Therefore, any form of contemplation or study which lacks the mentioned qualities, cannot be considered proper studying. Naturally, the act of ...
  • How many spheres are there in the entire universe and what is the difference between a sphere and a sky?
    7398 Theoretical 2012/06/17
    According to an ancient opinion, sphere refers to the ethereal bodies which are made up of nine levels or layers seven of which are named as kawakib sab’a (the seven planets). The eighth sphere is named as falak al-borouj (sphere of fixed stars) or thawabit (the fixed) ...